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    Sometime you get the feel for a place quick and this one seem very friendly ...

    My name is Kevin .. I'm from Franklin Wisconsin .. a suburb of Milwaukee.  Been smoking for a couple years but low volume ... Hope to start stepping it up.  My first smoker was a vertical .. one of those cheaper units you can get at the big box stores .. I figured it was worth a try .. and I did do a couple good things on it including my first brisket which frankly .. I think I broke all the rules .. had  heck of a time keeping the temp down .. it cooked way to fast .. I was clueless about wrapping and letting it stand but all-in-all some how it came out great .. and really got me going.

    I then switched to a CG Duo with a SFB .. thinking this would be great .. I like it .. I like the duo as brats and hamburger are quick and easy ... the charcoal side has never been used for anything other than smoking .. 

    I've read many talk about how this is really not a good unit .. I'm thinking this spring I'm going to knuckle down and do some mods and see if I can get this puppy working .. I mean it's not bad and I've learned enuf to have an idea on what thing I need to address.  That said I'm also temped by going back to a vertical .. especially intrigued by the Pit Barrel Cooker ... anybody no anything about them? .. They almost seem too good .. to easy ... but why does it need to be hard right?

    I think I'm going to read some .. then launch questions about 2 areas that I'm dying to get in put on .. ..best mod or add-on for fuel .. like .. I've read about the "minion" thing .. not sure how I'd go about it for my sfb .. and the other opinions on thermostat blowers .. they seem to make a heck of a lot of sense .. so what to look for?

    Look forward to wasting way too much time here .....
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  3. Hello Kevin, welcome to the site, you on the right track, lots of information on here, probably find all kinds of help on the mods you are wanting to do.Looking forward to seeing you around the site.

    Gary S

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