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    As some know..... me and wife are building our first smokehouse...It looks great lol that does not mean it will smoke great..Before starting I looked at many smoke houses on line and also on this site trying to find answers..Also went to two old friends I went to school with..One 71 year old that has an 8' x 8' metal smoke house and his 73 year old brother that has 8' x 8' wood smokehouse...This friend  has had several smokehouses over the last forty + years...The younger brother builds his fire on the ground...the older brother uses a wood stove inside ..Then my old 84 year old neighbor his was 4' x 4' and he had a wood stove out side going through the wall..

    My smokehouse is 4'-6" x 4'-6" x 8'-2" tall

    And I have questions about making smoke .. Hoping some of you can answer ??

    1) If I use fire brick to make to make a fire box .. where should I put in front, side, or middle ???

    2) Or use a small wood stove ???

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