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Discussion in 'Pork' started by custom99, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. I am going to be making some pulled pork for the Steeler game on Sunday. Looking to do something around 10. Going to buy some pork butt today. I followed a WIKI for doing Canadian bacon and it turned out dry. I was told I should have pulled it earlier than I did. What are opinions for how I should do this pulled pork so that I don't have a bunch of dry pork for my friends. Also, I will be doing this on Saturday. Should I shred it when done smoking or should I shred it after rewarming? What is the best way to rewarm it on Sunday?

    There are way too many threads for me to read and I have always had luck following the personal advise I get by asking.
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    Pull after cooking and steaming to heat will assure you of moist pork for your guest.
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    Craig got you covered but, with all due respect, I prefer to reheat in a Crock Pot, if you have one, with finishing sauce and any de-fatted meat juices on high up to a temp of 165*F then reduce the heat to warm and let the crew help themselves to Sammies, warm Sauce and sides. If you are doing a large batch say more than 4 lbs a Microwave can dry some of the meat and give it a funky flavor...JJ
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    I agree about the large quantities in the MW.

    Just the two of us here and what doesn't get eaten within a few days get vac packed by the pound,frozen and reheated in hot (not boiling) water.

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    Like at Craig's house---Only two of us here.

    We take just the amount that is going to be in one sammy, and nuke it for a very short time---not much longer than one minute.

    If we are going to heat a batch up for a bunch of guests, we will use the crock pot.

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    All of the above!
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    My option would be the crock pot. I don't radiate my food.

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    Radiation doesn't hurt anything, JC:

  11. Another question I have is about cutting the butt in half. Would it hurt anything if I cut it in half to cook it? We just picked one up that weighs exactly 10 pounds. I thought it would be better to deal with 2 five pound pieces than the one big one. Looking to cut the cook time in half that way.
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    Won't hurt anything.

    It will take less time, and you'll get extra Bark.

    Give her a try.

    Don't forget the Qview!

  13. Thanks Bear, The bark is my favorite part so I cant go wrong there then.

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