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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by stratmoorefarms, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. I have this rack on wheels that a friend gave me to see if we can build a smokehouse out of it. Pretty much just planning to use it for cold smokes.


    It measures 48" long, 40" wide, and 49" tall for a total of 54.4 cubic feet.

    Right now I am planning to cover it with plywood. Maybe put a door on both ends??? Maybe just on one end. I will probably cover the plywood with tin on the outside just to help protect the wood. It is big enough that I will more than likely have to leave it outside.

    I had several different ideas on heat/smoke sources, but then I found this site and discovered the Amazen smoke generator. So I have changed gears and am looking at the pellet generators. I will need to get with Todd to see what size/how many will be needed for this project.

    I really like the angle iron down both sides.


    They should allow me to vary the heights of racks pretty decent.

    Any thoughts on how to do the top? I can do it flat on top of the existing frame, A-framed, taller in the front than the back, etc. Also, at first I was thinking of drilling some small (maybe 3/4") vent holes around the top just below the roof. Now I am leaning more towards a couple of louvered vents with dampers, that way I will have more control over ventilation.

    On the odd chance that I would want to try a hot smoke in it, I was thinking of using the smoke generator for the smoke and either an electric hot plate or maybe a propane burner as the heat source.

    As far as what it will be used for, could be most anything. Right now, I am raising hogs, meat rabbits, and chickens. So it could be hams, bacon, rabbit, chicken, turkey, or most anything else that comes to mind.

    So let the comments and suggestions begin. Nothing is really set in stone at the moment. I am open to pretty much any ideas that will turn this metal frame into a smoker.

    Thanks for looking,

  2. michael ark

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    Would get a burrner like pops has in his plywood smoker.So you can do hot smokes too.The rest you got coverd.
  3. pops6927

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    it's a great three stage propane camp stove!


    what i mean about '3 stage' is that you have 3 different levels on one burner - you can light just the center ring, the right outer ring and/or the left outer ring - 1, 2 or all three.  Add a needle valve and you have almost unlimited settings you can use!
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  4. Cool, I like the looks of that burner and we have a Nothern Tool locally. Thanks for the post.
  5. sunman76

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    [​IMG]IF your leaving outdoors in the weather can you add some insulation and cover the outside with osb siding?
  6. alblancher

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    You probably don't need tin on the walls,  T111 siding will do fine,  maybe paint it or spray down with a Linseed oil type preservative.

    You can build a simple lean to type roof, makes it a lot easier.    I have noticed that adjustable dampers on a cold smoke are really not necessary,  you want the smoke to just pass over the meat anyway.  Look at the cheap eave vents found in any hardware store

    Doesn't look like you will be able to walk into it so you  may need two doors.

    It is short enough that you can build a cinder block base and put your smoke/heat to one side of the smoker.  If you are going to burn wood, looks like you should have plenty, you want the smoke to cool off before entering the smoker.  Build a little firebox to one side and attach with some rigid plenum.  Give it about 6 ft of run to allow the smoke to cool sufficiently.

    Good luck, post some pics of what you decide to do.

  7. roller

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    Looks like you have a good starting point...

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