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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by joeblow3, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Does anybody know where to get the cloth sausage casings?? Been looking everywhere.. I live in Michigan if anyone knows a local source..
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    check out the local fabric store look for muslin you may have to sew it yourself but they should have something
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    I have made my own out of Muslin like Salmon said and it works pretty good and is a lot cheaper.The only thing I didn't like about it is it seems to leave a skin on the meat after cooking.I say a skin,maybe you would call it a rind but it is a thin layer of tough dry meat that was not for eating.I simply cut it off when I went to eat a slice.Other than its great and you can make any size you want.
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    just a ? cause i've never heard of this before . so whats up with cloth casing just another way ? reusable?[​IMG]
  7. Thanks for all the replies from everyone. to answer the question it's not reusable, I have had it in the past and found it to have a lot more smoke flavor after it's done.. Just my opinion.
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    The more smoke flavor makes sense, because of the open design of the netting. When using artificial casings for summer sausage, the smoke does not penetrate the casing. The smoke is more of an external aroma. You would have to add liquid smoke to these types of sausages, to get a smoked flavor in them.

    I have seen, a really long time ago, some artificial casings that were perforated, so the smoke would be able to penetrate into the meat.

    I have never worked with a netting like that, but it makes sense that you would get a "rind" or bark, on the smoked product. This is why most people use the artificial casings for summer sausage.
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    I'm fairly sure that I saw them in Eldon's catalog, but I don't see anything listed on the web site. My catalog is at home, so I can't look it up right now. you might give them a call.
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    The collegian casings I have bought have holes in them for smoke penetration [gosh I love that word.]If yours don't have holes Id guess you could use a sausage pricker or a small needle and make your own holes.
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    I don't know where @ in MI you are but there is a shop in Mt. Clemens called ferrari and sons ( not sure about the spelling ) they used to be right there on the outskirts of town and then moved over by 16 mile and groesbeck. Then I heared they where going back into Mt. Clemens. Look em up
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    sportsman warehouse has caseings good price and stronger than I get at local sausage place

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