Looking for advice on Stanley Marianski's books and "Russian Cold Smoked Sausage"

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    Hey all, long time listener first time caller.

    I have a couple of odd questions so I wasn't really sure where to put them.

    1) Whats the consensus on Stanley Marianski's books? I've seen them referenced in my travels but recently caught a conversation on reddit where one of the recipes seemed way off in a number of ways. See HERE. Which of Stanley's books are worth getting? I'm interested in smoking, sausage making and charcuterie in general.

    2) What other books can you recommend? I have the Ruhlman books already.

    3) This ties in with question 1. Does anyone know of a better recipe for the "Russian Cold Smoked Sausage" referenced in Question 1? Does anyone know the real name of it?

    Thanks :)

    EDIT: Fixed that link
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