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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by meltyface, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for a few years now with a Char-grill smoker and I love it but I'm wanting to upgrade to something that might fit my style a little better. Does anyone know of a Smoker that I can use gas to regulate the heat but still use wood to add smoke.  I'd prefer an offset box with a decent size chamber (large enough to cook a turkey or a few rack of ribs).  I've never been a fan of propane because I love the flavor charcoal gives, but I figure that using propane to regulate heat would be a little less work.  And if this type of smoker is available I'd still be able to add charcoal on occasion to give it some extra flavor.
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    You may want to just get a BBQ guru for your offset. I have one on my WSM & it will regulate the heat to with in a couple of degrees of what you set it at and will stay there as long as there is fuel in the smoker.
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    I switched from a Char-griller smokin' pro to a 22.5" WSM and the WSM was hands down the better smoker. Longer more stable temps, super easy to use, takes up less deck space, holds more meat than my char-griller did.
  4. Wow that BBQ guru sounds neat, first time I've heard of / seen it.  Can anyone tell me how it works or what exactly it does.  It looks like it supplies air to the firebox via a fan but can you put the firebox and/or the cooking chamber on a specific heat and this unit regulates the air keeping that area a a specified heat? I can't find to much info about it on the website, just been able to find detailed specs and prices.

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