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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pargeman, Jul 22, 2013.

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    I have a cheap Brinkmann smoker....On the outside of smoker my gauge says----  Warm, Ideal, and Hot....Where can I go to buy a new gauge with numbers so I can regulate the temperature of the smoker?? It just screws onto outside of smoker??? Any ideas??? Thank you!!!
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    www.kck.com That is where I get most of my stuff.

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    Thanks so much..Will definitely try that site!
  4. if you are in a hurry your local Walmart has the gauges in the BBQ section , i replaced mine with one but the only problem is you will have to drill a hole to install it but the gauge thats is in there now the hole is too big to use and also you can put the gauge where you want it.
  5. Just a thought...one should periodically check the stem of the thermometer as a crust will build up (i.e. smoke, fat, sugars) and will affect the temperature reading. I check mine after about 5-6 smokes, and clean if needed...just sayin'
  6. Good advice there  [​IMG]
  7. Go to the website that starts with an "A" and look up thermometers. For a brand name look at Tru Tel for a smoker thermometer and you might want to look at Maverick and Thermopen as the best of its class although Thermoworks does have a remote thermometer that competes with Maverick but it is more expensive.

  8. They are actually Tel Tru & they are a good thermometer.  [​IMG]

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