Lookin' at getting a new Rig. Maybe this one...maybe not!

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by vegansbeware, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I was surfin' around today, trying to find ways to spend my IRS refund, and found a site advertising what looks to me like a pretty good smoker. They make 'em locally, and sell 'em just up the street from where I work. I'm thinking about going by the store, "Back Yard Bash" just to see what these rigs look like up close, and what kind of price tags are attached.
    I know these are "decent sized" smokers and I do plan on utilizing the extra sq.footage. We do have parties and are planning on putting together a few good sized Neighborhood parties. I also was thinking about smoking a lot at once, vacuum packing what we don't eat, and storing it in my deep freeze for later dinners (We have a HUGE freezer).

    My question is, has anyone on here ever used one of these or knows someone that has one? If so, how good do the really do in everyday conditions?

    Here is the link to the Brochure PDF, tell me what you think, know, or think you know.

    I'm pondering on the "mid-sized" model, "The Marshall"


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