look what I got!!

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  1. Check out what I got for free!!
    [ATTACHMENT=2200]tmp_9116-0709151908-2038268060.jpg (929k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

    Of course, you know what this means....

    The weather iis way too dry for me to burn it out now, I'll have to wait for the fire danger to lower. However I am gonna start collecting parts in the mean time!

    This is gonna be fun!!!
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  3. I don't think so, the lid is firmly attached but my dad is pretty sure its not. It previously held fresh engine oil. I have read a lot of conflicting info on food barrels vs non food barrels. I feel like if we burn it out good and hot and scrub it down real good it should be OK. I could be wrong . but so far it seems like the food barrels are the ones that are the big problem. The linings being hard to remove and all.
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    From everything I have read a good burn or 2 will take care of the oil residue.Just wipe it out with mineral spirits to get,rid of what you can. My drum was lined, took some elbow grease to get it cleaned out. If I wasn't so damn stubborn I would have had just had it media blasted....

  5. Yep! I tried to find a place to sandblast it for me, 70 bucks is what I found it cost!!! Good night nurse!!! Especially since I am working on doing this as free or cheap as possible, that far exceeds what I am able to pay.

    But in happy news, I got a 22 inch Weber kettle grill off of Craigslist for 25 dollars. He just had bought new grates for it about 6 months ago but they just sold their house and are moving far away and didn't want to bring it. The cooking grate is even the one that has the hinge that lifts so you can add coal! The lid is in almost perfect condition. Total score in my book since I couldn't have even bought the grates alone for 30-35. I'd like to get my hands on one more cooking grate but I can wait for one to be the right price lol. This grill is pretty nice, makes me a little sad to part it out for the uds but I just couldn't beat the price!!! I do love a charcoal grill so I will have to keep my eyes open for another one.

    And THEN I got a piece of expanded metal for the basket for 7 bucks from this super cool metal yard in Eugene. They guy was pretty interested on my little project, he has a super sweet trailer BBQ setup. The place is called Coyote Steel. He had a remnant that was almost perfect in size. It may be a hair too small but my dad said he could make it work. He is an expert welder. It's 13x37. He has little pieces of steel rod he could use to make the basket wider in diameter but I think we are gonna see how big a basket it will really make first. I think it would be about 11 inches across, math and I aren't friends so I could be wrong about that lol.

    I've bought some hardware from harbor freight and bi-mart and pipe nipples and caps at home depot. I think I have just under $50 in this thing so far. I didn't buy a ball valve, they were like 15 and I didn't have that to spend at the time so right now I have 4 black pipe nipple (3/4 inch) and caps. But maybe after we get paid I'll go get one.
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    Congrats on getting your pieces & parts for your UDS build... That is one awesome deal on that Weber Kettle... That thing will last forever ! Thumbs Up
  7. I don't think
    Thanks!! I'm pretty excited, my hubby thinks I'm losing my mind but I haven't taken any money out of the household busget, it was all my own spending money so he doesn't care. He said if I had to start putting children on craigslist to fund my "habit" he would probably step in lol. I've thought about selling Tupperware to finance some meat purchases... Also maybe this 44 inch Smoke Hollow propane smoker at bi-mart......
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    I pulled the plug on our UDS. Neither one of us cared for the food from it. My grate is brand new. Pretty sure I have a box it will fit in....if so pay the shipping and you can have it. I'm just outside of Spokane so....
  9. Awesome!!! I wonder what it would cost to mail???
  10. This is the weber. Unfortunately it is the cause of my first smoker-related injury. The back leg came out while I was moving it out in the barn and the grill slid forwards on the wheels and bit me in the ankle. I said some bad words, I won't lie, but I'm pretty certain Jesus still loves me :)

    Anyhoo, she's a beauty...
  11. Stupid pics didn't show up... I'll have to try again
  12. What I did was put a set of bolts to hold my top grate 3 inches below the top rim of my barrel. I put another set 7 inches below that and I have two cook grates. I can put one at each position and use it as a grill or drop my fire into the bottom for a smoker.

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