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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by eh1bbq, Apr 29, 2014.

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    Good day!  I have been lurking on these forums for quite some time and am just starting to post.  I have been grilling for a few years now and smoking properly for just about 1 year.  I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and so the smoking is SOMEWHAT hampered in the winter months, mostly by wind more than anything, however I do what I can. I am getting more and more interested in getting involved with competition cooking and perfecting my weekend warrior cooking for friends in the back yard as well.  Currently I own a Weber gasser and a 18.5 WSM and a OTG. Always working on new recipes whether it's meat, veg, starch or anything else under the sun. Lucky enough to be married to a classically trained chef, so the best of both worlds. She comes up with some great recipes and I am fortunate enough to be able to integrate that into my BBQ. Love the science, technique and heart behind bbq and cooking in general. Always learning and absorbing as much info as I can, and love helping people with questions as well.  Very excited to be a part of such an awesome community!!!
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    Welcome eh1 !!!

    Good to have you join us!!

  3. Good afternoon and hello from East Texas, glad you joined up, Really looking forward to learning and sharing , Post some pictures of your equipment and future smokes.

    Gary S

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