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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by kookie, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. kookie

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    I have a Little Cheif smoker that I am selling. I also have an insulated box that I made for using it in the winter. I added some extra racks to it. It has been well used but still in great shape. I am located in Mandan ND. So with the insulated box its not really something to be shipped, so pickup only. I am asking $25 for anyone from the SMF. So if anyone in my area or passing through ND is interested shot me a pm. Thanks Everyone..............

    The unit has been sold 10/2/09. Thanks everyone.........
  2. tasunkawitko

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    dang, kookie - sorry to see that you're getting rid of it. did you upgrade to something else, or just get tired of it?

    i love mine for cheese, jerky and fish - other similar stuff. as far as smoke-cooking meats, i agree it ain't the tool for the job, but from reading up on the instructions etc., it looks like it wasn't designed for it. all the instructions for meats say just to leave it in the smoke for a short time to impart flavor, then cook as you normally would.

    i like the idea of the insulated box - would you mind giving me some details, maybe a pic or two? would appreciate it.
  3. kookie

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    I upgraded to a cookshack last summer and I also have my gas chargriller with sfb and I just got done building a freezer smoker. So I am just cleaning out some. I had two little cheifs and I gave one to my brother last week. And just making more room in the garage. Never know whatelse I will As for pics I haven't firgured out how to post them on this new server setup. But there should be some on some of my older posts.


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