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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by kdotter25, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. I'm helping a guy make snack sticks and sausage tommorow, but I won't have time to smoke it all for him. Wondering if I just used liquid smoke instead and did them in the oven if it would be about the same or not even close. Or wondering if I could wait a few days to smoke when I have more time.

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    liquid smoke = [​IMG]
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    It wouldn't be the same but it wouldn't be completely horrible either.
    The good majority of smoke flavored foods and most all smoky BBQ sauces out there use liquid smoke.
    Personally I don't use it because...well because but if you need to get things done and it is pretty much your only option then do what you gotta do...just don't tell anybody.
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    Liquid smoke will work for the snack sticks. Won't be the same, but will be better than no smoke.
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    Yep - use it only if you have to. I stay away from most of the dry rubs that are labeled as "Barbecue" because they reek of the liquid smoke. I just can't do it.

    I totally agree with the the fact that a lot of the BBQ sauces have the liquid smoke in it. I don't mind the sauce as much as I do the dry rubs with it.
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    If you use the liquid smoke it will taste like how do I say it POO POO.
  7. My opinion of liquid smoke is that in some cases you are almost forced to use it. As in the making of Lebanon Bologna. In this case you are stuffing a 3" to 4" casing, and only smoking for about 10 to 12 hours. You will not get enough smoke penetration in that time to satutate the meat. Commercial makers of Lebanon Bologna use a secret ingredient, which is liquid smoke. They also smoke thier product for a period of 4 to 7 days at a humitity of 85 plus %. I found some of thier secrets out from my local butcher, who sells me my meat. It is hard getting these secret family recipes and knowledge form them, as this is thier livelyhood. But I do know that a certain amount of liquid smoke goes into thier product. When I first made snack stix using the Leggs brand seasoning, I added a small amount of liquid smoke, and also some brown sugar. Every one that tried them could not eat just one! I taste anylized the stix, and came up with the conclusion that if the proper amounts of liquid smoke and sugar were added to this mix, and stuffed into a large casing, that I would have a Lebanon Bologna. I tried this and I am successful with the outcome. Yes Liquid smoke ain't like the real thing, but when used within reason it can be a help. Same can be said with citric acid vs fermento. Just whatever you do, don't tell anyone. It's your special secret!
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    Liquid smoke be great fer the dog biscuits. Don't care ta get it near people food!

    I wouldn't let to many real smokers hear that yall er usin it, round here I thin it reason ta get banned but I ain't sure.[​IMG]
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    My dad use to put liquid smoke in his venison jerkey brine but use in moderation. A little goes a long way. I wouldn't use it unless you have to. If you can't get your meat onto a smoker then use some liquid smoke but don't put too much.

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