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  1. This is my second post so bare with me. I just joined a couple days ago and am in a bit of a delema. I found a recipe for Lincolnshire sasuage some place within these forum threads and wanted to thank the originator but I can't find the thread anymore! Anyone help me out? Anyway I made 10lbs of them last night and I must say they are the best fresh sausages I've made yet!

    Thank you whoever you are!!!
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  3. Thanks for the sugestion but my PC has deleted the history already!!! As for pics ...well you'll just have to trust me that it happend ;) 
  4. Hey Jarhead,

    That's pretty darn close to what I followed munus white pepper and the ratio's are a bit different. I've also searched and haven't found it yet, was definitely from though.

    Also, thanks for the welcome.


  5. Hey Shannon, Jarheads was closer to what I made. In my search for the recipe I made I found it really isn't really a Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire is much plainer, pork, sage, pepper, salt, bread, pretty much like what's in your link. I suppose someday I will try that but for now I've still enough pre-mixed spice for at least 5 more batches.
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