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    Hey all...I normally have pretty good luck when I order things on line, but this time LEM has just totally turned me off!

    I ordered a 3/8" tube for my jerky gun on March 18th knowing it was shown as on back order till the 6-9th of April...Just looked today, and they are predicting a June 2nd "back in stock" date....

    How can it take that long to have a product manufactured and delivered...it's a simple item. I could walk down to a local machine shop and have one made in less than 2 days, might cost more, but it's not what they do? If I was in the widget business, I'd make sure my widgets were available within a reasonable time frame (especially since my website shows it for sale...I guess LEM doesn't need my business...I cancelled my order and will go and get the items to make my own!


    P.S. Sadly, I will no longer consider purchasing an LEM sausage stuffer...I like using companies that actually have the items listed on their respective websites available! It's the small things that make me happy, one of the best things a company can do is take care their customers?! The amount of $ they will spend to get new customers is far larger than the amount that would need to KEEP a customer!

    [/END RANT]
  2. I had exactly the same problem with them a couple years ago, same item, numerous delays.
    I got it about 6 months after ordering.
    The tubes come from communist China, they'll get here when they get here.


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