Laying claim to my own smokers thread. Pics inside

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  1. 1st off, this is the 2ed week of me smoking something and my goal is to post up what i smoke, with pics.

    1st up is my spare ribs done on my gas grill last week.  1 burner on with a cast iron skillet on top of that with maple wood chips in it.  Apple juice and water mix sprayed every 45min.  The ribs got a store bought rubs(ill post up brand once i find the bag).  i just let them smoke for 4 almost 5 hours, applying store bought bbq sauce(jack daniels honey smokehouse) the last hour.  I applied the rub the night before.  Here is the pics of my 1st ever smoking




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  2. this week i did baby backs. 

    I did 2 racks.  did a store bought rubs(refer to top post about the rub and bbq sauce).  Let set over night. Cut each rack in half since i was having people over to try them, ended up cutting the halves in half, so i ended up with 6 smaller racks instead of 2 big racks.

    I got smarter and did the 2-2-1 method.  I still used the maple wood chips, rub and bbq sauce.  I did however buy a propane smoker.  Used a combo of bacardi oakheart spiced rum, water, maple syrup, and alittle bit of vinegar for my spray.

    2 hours on smoke around 2-215 degrees, spraying every 30 mins. 2 hours wrapped in foil at around 225-230 degrees and sprayed them before they got sealed up in the foil. 1 hour with alittle bit of smoke at around 230 applying bbq sauce every 15 mins.

    Let set for 30 while everyone piled in and i grilled some burgers just incase.






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  3. ill get pics up as soon as my internet stops being ghey
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  4. daveomak

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    Noob, evening.... those ribs look my T fine to me.... nice smoke ring..... juicy.... great mod with the castiron pan and foil for the smoke generator... Congrats....  Success in the back yard... don't get any better than that....  Dave

  5. thanks man i was perty stoked when my spares came out good.  I looked and searched around on smoker boxes and stuff, then it hit me a cast iron skillet will work just as good and was cheaper than other smoke boxes i found.  I was surprised and the other guy i let try them was surprised they turned out good.  Success it was and the wife is happy and this is something she is glad i got into lol
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    Looks like you are well on your way!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. sprky

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    [​IMG]  very nice job on your first few smokes. I can't say my first smokes looked that good. [​IMG]
  8. ronrude

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    Great looking food.  This is the right place to learn.  It is good to have spousal support, but that can come pretty easy.  

    A friend bought a smoker when his wife said no, but after the first bite, she was sold.
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    looks good from here [​IMG]
  10. Thanks man, alot of searching reading and watching youtube lol. Then it was trail by fire(no pun intended)

    lol, i told everyone that tried them that there was a chance they might not be good but boy was i wrong.
    thanks and o yea this site has taught me alot on my 2ed smoke session.  I was reading thru this site while doing my second smoke and read about white smoke, looked outside and was like o crap thats not good and took care of that before i screwed something up.  Yea my wife was like you dont need a grill, bought it anyway(the one in the 1st post) did the ribs and then she said i could get a smoker(which i did its in the 2ed post lol) now she wants me to smoke more.
    Thanks man
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    Everything you smoked looks excellent! Great job!
  12. Those look fine! Great job
  13. thanks and they taste so good also
    thanks man, hopefully my boston butt i do this coming up weekend turns out just as good
  14. big sexy

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    That's how I got into this hobby.  Started messing with my gas grill, then bought the deicated smoker.  This stuff is addicting!
  15. frosty

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  16. yea im looking into getting a pull behind smoker(are they called pits?) already.

    thanks man
  17.   The chow looks great. It's such a great hobby, isn't it?   I'm sure your Boston butt will turn out well too, they are very forgiving. There is  a good article on a basic pulled pork smoke in the wikis. 

  18. scrappynadds

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    Looks great.........makes me [​IMG]hungry
  19. Thanks and yes it is and the wife approves of it lol.  I hope so I think i wont have a problem getting people to come over to eat lol.  Ill have to check the wiki out thanks again

    thanks and lol, the smoke ring pic is on my phone and it makes the wife and i hungry ever time we look at it
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    Very, very nice!!  Awesome color on those ribs [​IMG]

    Looking forward to that butt [​IMG]

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