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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hawgman88, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. I am smoking some chicken tonight and need some last minute direction. I have some thighs and drums brining now, but as far as cooking goes, what do I need my smoker temp to be? As well as my meat temp? And time length?

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    I would smoke/indirect grill them at a higher temp (300-350), that way you don't end up with rubbery skin (roughly hour or so).  Another option is to smoke them at lower temp (250 roughly for maybe 2 hours), then toss on a hot grill to crisp up the skin.

    With the darker meat (drumsticks and thighs), I would go to about 185 internal temp, that way you don't end up with any pink near the bones, and will still yield a delicious and moist end result.  
  3. I don't know what kind of smoker you have but you want to smoke them at 275°-350° the higher temp makes for a more crisp skin. Cook to IT of 170°.

    If you have an MES or other electric smoker that the temps won't go that high,  smoke at 225-250*F until the thick meat in the thigh is around 160*F, 2-3 hours, then finish them in a 425*F Oven or heat half your grill, put the meat on the off side and finish the cook to 170-180*F adding sauce at the end. You can move to the hot side but be Careful as sugar in rubs and sauces burn easily.
  4. I am cooking on a WSM 18.5"

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  5. I am soaking my chicken in a bowl of saltwater for 2-3 hours. Is this ok for brining purposes?

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