Lang 60 smoker with chargrill and warmer/smoker box

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  1. Selling a Lang Smoker. Lang 60 with chargrill and warmer. This smoker is immaculate. It has a 24x24" fire box and warmer/smoker on top of it. The main smoker can cook over 18 slabs of ribs, or 20 pork butts, or 40 half chickens, or a whole 120lb pig.(I know,lol). It can slooooow smoke at 200 degrees; or pull a brisket in 6hrs. The temperature control on this smoker is wonderful and user friendly. The extra smoker is a blessing when you wanna smoke a salmon, rib tips, or chicken wings while the main smoker is full. The Chargrill allows for a two sliding rack access to sear before transfer, or grill amazing food quickly. This smoker sits on a 16ft trailer with functioning rear lights. Trailer wheels have attractive five lug rims and 80% meat on the tires. This smoker had served me well and I'm looking to upgrade. I'm looking to get $4000obo. Don't hesitate to shoot me a solid offer. Thanks for looking. Oh, by the way. I have babied this smoker since day one and had never felt a drop of Kansas rain, rust free and seasoned with dark cherry. Super clean inside and out. Reach out if interested 785.431.8277
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