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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by willie1964, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. willie1964

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    Hello there, I am in NW Arkansas, I started smoking meats when I worked at LandOFrost meats in the '80's, I ran 6 commercial smoke houses (Koch) each house could hold +/- 2 thousand pounds of meat. I have probably smoked more meat in one 8 hour shift than most people have seen in their intier life. I smoke meats for family gathering and for pleasure now.
  2. halfsmoked

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    There was a plant here in Maryland back in early 70's we packed turkey ham for landofrost shipped to MI,
  3. one eyed jack

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    Welcome to the site Willie.  I sure would like to see some pictures of those smoke houses.  I doubt that I will smoke a thousand pounds in this lifetime.
  4. b-one

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    Welcome aboard Willie! Hey OEJ that's not a very positive outlook go toss something in you smoker,live long and prosper!:biggrin: To bad I've never thought about keeping track of how much stuff I've smoked only been at it about a year but will have to start just for fun,if I can remember!

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