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Discussion in 'Nose to Tail' started by dingo007, Nov 2, 2014.

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    To all you Nose to Tail eaters....i'll be silencing a lamb in the next few weeks. I've done many in the past,but before I got interested in smoking and charcuturie. So rather than the usual 4 x Roasts, a bunch of chops, shanks, trim and pluck, does anyone have any ideas for "out of the square" processing or Nose to Tail techniques?

    i.e. Has anyone used lamb blood? How does it taste?

    Could i attempt to bone the loin and belly in one piece, like with pork, and roll it into an awesome lamb bacon?

    I have come across a Norwegian product called Fenalar...a cured leg of lamb....looking for more things like this.

    any and all ideas welcome....not much will scare me off.
  2. dingo007

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    Thanks Mate.....Haggis is now officially on the "To Do" list..just have to make it whilst the wife is at work.

    I'm intending to use the stomach..rather than a purchased beef bung....any advice on preparation of such?
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    Good soak in salt water splash of vinegar or lemons cut in half .I don't know what else to suggest because I buy stomachs from butcher. I have seen a sausage called a figatelle that was a mixture of meat & liver but that was pork.Looked good,I think it was Corsican,partly cured then grilled .

    Good luck with it. 
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