Labor Day - Smoked Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sarnott, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Well, its 4 AM and my asst cook and I are up so, it must be a brisket day! Qview to follow.

  2. Well, maybe not! When I tried to light my old Masterbuilt grill, the valve seems have failed and no fire at all!Cleaned the ports, changed cylinders, still nothing.

    Any ideas! Its a little early to go buy a new one.

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    The valve on the tank it self has a cut out feature so if if gas leaks out too fast it cuts out. Close your tank valve and open the valve on your smoker for a minute to clear the gas. Then close the smoker valve and very slowly start to reopen the valve on your tank.
  4. Thanks Woodman, I'll try that this morning. I did open and close the valve a number of times on both cylinders while I was trying to get it lit. Last time I used it was 3 weeks ago on a top sirloin (I have to catch up on some posting!).

    Talk about a failed smoke!

    I actually considered going to Walmart to buy a new one but at 4 AM, I figured:

    1. If I got it successfully,by the time I got a new one assembled, it would still be late for people coming over later,

    2. Its not exactly in the best neighborhood here and at the time, its not exactly well lit

    So, I wimped, got on the Internet, looked at slow cooking in the oven and the slow cooker and decided to try and get a 6.5# brisket into the slow cooker. Its in, after a few hours I noticed the brisket had swelled up and opened the lid of the slow cooker so, I cut it down to get all the brisket in the cooker and still keep the lid closed enough to keep the steam in.

    After a 5-6 more hours, I guess I'll see if its a sliced brisket or pulled.

    Like I said, "Talk about a failed smoke!" I have been talking about a new smoker, this might push me over the edge. I bought this one years ago at the end of a season for about $100. I think I'll spend more on the next one!  

    Thanks for the good idea. I'll keep that fact in my memory for the next time this sort of thing happens.


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