Labor Day Sausages & Smoke - Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Breakfast & Fatty

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  1. Well since some friends are coming over Saturday I figured I'd better make some sausages. I plan on smoking a picnic & fatty to go along with them & possibly a pork loin as well.

    I started out with this 9 lb. butt.

    Cut it up, got rid of the bone, gland & nasty membranes then put it in the freezer to stiffen up.

    Casings soaking in warm water.

    Some of the grinder parts ready to be sanitized while the meat stiffens up.

    All set up & ready to go.

    Freshly ground & waiting to start its new life as sausage  [​IMG]

    Updates to follow...
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  2. kathrynn

    kathrynn Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I'm IN!!!!  [​IMG]

  3. I'm in the middle of a quick phone survey to see what sausages people want to have & then I will decide which types to make - shouldn't be too much longer...
  4. Ok most folks wanted either Sweet Italian or Hot Italian so I will be making some of each. I haven't made Sweet Italian for a while & I can DEFINITELY do hot  [​IMG]    [​IMG]

    Here is the mix for the Sweet Italian.

    And the mix for the Hot Italian  [​IMG]

    Here are the spices I use most for making rubs, marinades, sausages, grilling etc...

    Stuffer sanitized, lubed & casing on tube - ready to begin.

    Nice & cold & ready for mixing.

    Hot Italian mixed up. Mix & mix & mix till it gets very sticky then keep mixing some more - this ensures you get a good bind  [​IMG]

    Batch # 2 very cold & ready for mixing.

    Sweet Italian mixed up & ready to go.

    Now it's time to stuff it  [​IMG]

  5. Hot Italian stuffed.

    Closer view.

    And another.

    Sweet Italian stuffed.

    Closer view.

    And one more.

    That's it for these two - be back in a little bit with the rest...
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  6. bamafan

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    Looks good. Getting mine ready to go for the Bama game on Sat! Nice links.
  7. Thanks man  [​IMG]   Hope yours turn out good too  [​IMG]

  8. I decided to make a couple lbs. of fresh breakfast sausage.

    The seasoning mix for the breakfast sausage.

    Mixed up & ready for the fridge.

    Seasoning for fatty sausage.

    I mixed up a lb. of sausage for the fatty on Saturday as well.

    Here is a patty I made with the sausage that was left in the stuffer - half hot & half sweet.

    Almost done.

    Yumm  [​IMG]

    Getting late  [​IMG]
  9. snorkelinggirl

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    Wow!  Not much of  a relaxing weekend for you.  Sausage, smoked picnic, fatty, and loin.....I'm impressed!!! 

    Your sausages look great, and I love your spice collection!

    A question for you......when you sanitize your grinder and stuffer parts before using them, how are you doing that exactly?   Are you using a bleach solution or straight white vinegar, and do you rinse and dry before using the parts, or just rinse and reassemble?   Thanks!!

    Have a great Labor Day weekend, and lots of fun with your projects!
  10. Thanks Clarissa  [​IMG]

    I use a dilute bleach solution to sanitize my parts. They get dunked in the solution & then I let them air dry before reassembly. Once I'm done using the grinder & stuffer everything gets cleaned really good & sanitized before I put it away.

    You have a great Labor Day Weekend as well!  [​IMG]
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  11. Looking really nice...I love making sausage. Hope it turned out as good as it looks.............[​IMG]
  12. kathrynn

    kathrynn Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yummmmm.......Those are looking great!

    Yall are killing me....I have the stuff to do sausages....just no time right now.

  13. Thanks man  [​IMG]    I love making sausage too - it's very rewarding  [​IMG]
  14. Now that last picture, the one of the clock, has me perplexed.  What time is 111:48.  I suspect it is 10:48, if not, what planet are you from?

    [​IMG]            [​IMG]          [​IMG]
  15. Nope sorry - this is 10:48

    Much, much earlier than 111:48  [​IMG]

    By the way - that's EST (Eastern Sausage Time)  [​IMG]
  16. Thanks Kat  [​IMG]   Hopefully you find some time to make some sausages soon  [​IMG]   Did you get your coffee?  [​IMG]
  17. Here is the picnic.

    Skin reserved for another project.

    Healthy coating of rub.

    Put it in the smoker at 9:30 PM  Temp 225*  AMNPS using oak & hickory pellets

    When I went to put the probe in this is how it was coming along...  [​IMG]

    Fatty ready to go in a little later...
  18. texas ray

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    All those sausage's look great.  Thanks for posting!
  19. Thanks man  [​IMG]    Gonna get to eat them in a couple hours  [​IMG]
  20. Just put the fatty in & picnic is smelling great!  [​IMG]

    Shaping up nicely  [​IMG]

    Fatty just going in.

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