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  1. Maybe someone can tell me if this box can be used as pit for spit roasting piglet of about 25lb.

    What I am trying to find out is if I can use drip pan at the bottom of the box to place some charcoals without damaging walls. Or this box can handle charcoals on top only?
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    I've never seen one of this brand up close, but the ones I build are not intended for using them in that way. It will warp/damage the liner of the box....there's may be constructed different than mine and someone else may know more about them.....Hope this helps...ShoneyBoy
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    I wouldn't recommend that.

    These boxes (I own several) are designed in such a way that the only place any significant heat is coming in direct contact with the lining is at the lip, where the coal pan rests, and that's triple layers of metal with air-space between to diffuse the heat. Placing coals inside the box, even in a container, is going to bring a LOT more heat to the plywood body, with only a single layer of direct-contact metal between the wood and the heat source.

    I'm pretty certain that it would ignite.


  4. thank you for confirmation.

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