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  1. couger78

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    I thought I'd try something different. I made a 2-gallon batch of homemade sauerkraut about a month ago and 30 days later, it's ready to eat. Good stuff! It goes great with all kinds of sausage. But I wanted to make sausage with it...


    I cam across this recipe for 'Krautwurst' on Len Poli's site and thought it sounded quite good.

    So here goes...

    To about 4 pounds of ground pork, I add these ingredients:


    I had ten pounds of pork shoulder, so I ground up the whole thing. Medium blade...


    To the 4-pounds of pork, I ground in the frozen bacon (blurry action shot).....


    Next comes the sauerkraut...


    To this, I added all the spices—all were finely-ground except for the caraway & mustard seeds. This all got nicely mixed and I then put it in the fridge until I was ready to stuff. No Cure as these are 'fresh' sausages; no smoke.

    With the other six pounds of ground pork, I made a traditional Polish kielbasa.

    Using 38-40mm natural casings, I made two long ropes that barely fit my smoker & poacher. These are headed from my smoker...


    I used my little 5-pound grizzly stuffer for all; Not as fat as the Kirby, but it still does the job nicely.

    The krautwurst all stuffed into 5-7" links...


    These will go on a rack and rest overnight...


    Take a peek at the kielbasa. After about 2 hours in, its getting some good color. using oak pellets on this smoke...


    After two more hours, it was time to pull the kielbasa and plunge them into the poacher...


    At 165° it shouldn't take long for the kielbasa to hit the 152° mark. They started the bath with an IT of 135°


    20 minutes later, I pulled the kielbasa & plunged them into an ice bath. Bloom time now...


    We decided to go ahead & have the krautwurst for dinner tonight. Sauteed gently in olive oil in butter...


    Put together a nice cheesy potato casserole to accompany the wurst...


    First impressions of the krautwurst:  a very juicy, flavorful sausage! Caraway a dominant flavor, but onion and garlic are there too! The kraut adds a nice, unexpected crunch. Nice texture, too. My wife says its 'like eating a reuben sandwich without the rye bread." Swiss cheese would go good with it. If you enjoy sauerkraut and want to try something out of the ordinary, you should try these! Dark beer with it a real plus!


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  2. pops6927

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    Sounds wonderful!  Love Reuben sandwiches!  But, the big question:

    What's in that delicious-looking Cheesy-Potato Casserole????

    Please, post the recipe!  Thanks! [​IMG]
  3. jrod62

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    Now that looks goooood !:drool
  4. couger78

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    Pops, my wife was 'spot on' in her observations on the "Reuben" effect in these sausages. I haven't tried them with 1000 island dressing ,but they're terrific with a good German mustard!

    EasyCheesy casserole: 3-4 peeled & thinly (1/8") sliced russets, toss in bowl with plenty of kosher salt, black pepper & onion powder; Thinly slice & chop medium onion, lightly brown 2 slices of cubed bacon, fry onion in fat until barely translucent. Toss bacon & onion with potatoes. Layer a microwave-proof 9x9 dish bottom with potato slice mixture. Microwave on high for 4-6 minutes. While potatoes are in microwave, beat together 6-8 eggs with 2 TBL half&half, 2 chopped green scallions, 1/2 cup shredded cheese & a dash or two of tabasco. Take potatoes for microwave, pour egg mixture over the top. Add a dash of salt & pepper to eggs and pile on more cheese if desired. Bake in 350° oven for about 30 minutes. Top should be turning golden brown & puffy. Let sit for 10 minutes before serving.

    I've some sliced pics of the kielbasa I need to post.

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  5. Wow it all looks great! Thanks for the casserole recipe, looks fabulous. Reuben's are great and to have it in a convenient! I'll have to give this one a try. I love Russian dressing with Reuben's but can't find the real deal anymore. I came across a recipe "Emeril's Russian Dressing" and it's pretty good!
  6. boykjo

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    Awesome Kevin.........................[​IMG]

  7. couger78

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    Finally got around to trying the kielbasa.

    Had it sliced, fried up & served with some cooked apples, hot German-style potato salad & some sauerkraut. MMmmmMM!!

    Kielbasa turned out nice, juicy & garlicky, and the oak adds a 'mellower' smokey taste.

    You know you have enough garlic in the kielbasa when you can smell it even before you open the fridge door.

    Boys & wife said it tasted great, so that's half the battle won right there....[​IMG]


  8. jp61

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    Very nice work, everything looks great!
  9. dutch

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    Thanks Kevin.

    I'm making sausages this weekend and this Krautwurst is on the list. And Ma Dutch is looking forward to making the Casserole!
  10. danmcg

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    Top notch as always Kevin. I'm savin that 'Krautwurst' recipe.... I don't care for kraut much, but if it tastes like a ruben I'm in.
  11. Everything looks great!

  12. rstr hunter

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    That looks awesome. I've got to try some this year.   Great job.
  13. dutch

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    Hey Kevin-just a shout out to ya that my son and I made up a batch of the Kruartwurst sausages. We ground the pork and added the spices and kraut on Monday, covered the mixture with plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge to stuff on Tuesday (we had 15 lbs of butt to grind, also did a batch of Italian Porcini Sausage with sun dried tomatoes and a batch of Habanero Bratwurst). Grilled up some Krautwurst last night and I must say this is some of the tastiest sausage I have ever tasted!  Kudos to you sir! [​IMG]

    The only thing we didn't add to the krautwurst was the juniper berries cuz I didn't want to wait for them to arrive in the mail. 
  14. couger78

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    Hey Dutch, I'm glad you enjoyed the sausage!

    I really like it as well! I had a couple grilled up the other day served on a dutch-crunch roll with mustard. Juicy, flavorful and great texture.

    Kudos to Len Poli who put the recipe together.  And you probably wouldn't miss the juniper. It's there, but very subtle.

    In my version, since I was using "caraway-sauerkraut", I cut the amount of caraway seed called for in-half. Good thing I did otherwise it'd probably would have over-powered everything else.

  15. johnnie walker

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    Kevin, that looks like some mighty fine eating there! [​IMG]
  16. Wow....It all looks wonderful....Thanks for posting. Getting me in the mood..........[​IMG]
  17. That looks great! Awesome Job, and thanks for the recipe!
  18. shannon127

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    I loveit, going to have to give this a try
  19. redheelerdog

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    Wow! Yummy! mmmmmm! thats all I can say on this one.

  20. I know this thread is old but any chance you still have that Kielbasa recipe floating around? [​IMG]

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