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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by terry colwell, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. terry colwell

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    How many of you guys started out with some thing real small?  And what was it? I have a KitchenAide mixer I use all the time, I use it to make my own ground Beef. I think the tray is to small on it tho, they could have made it bigger in my opinion. I want to start making sausages and stix and so forth.

     So,,, How many of you guys have done it with the KA, and can you give any advice? How hard is it stuffing, pushing, and holding? When making sausage, do you have to have one hand on the casings, or do you just feed and push? Can you do only one size or is there several sized tubes?                  Thanks
  2. Hey Terry, the KA is decent grinder for doing small batches of sausage but it's really not that great at stuffing.  The KA stuffer attachment used to come with a few different size tubes if I remember correctly.  I bought the grinder/stuff attachment for our KA about 100 years ago but haven't used it in quite a while. The stuffer attachment may now be sold separately.

    I'm by no means telling you not to give it a go.  It WILL get the job done and let you get started without too much cost.  If you like making sausage after a few batches with the KA then you might want to move up to a dedicated stuffer and perhaps a larger grinder.  I would say give it a try with the KA and see if you really like making sausage.  Just take your time, especially stuffing.  As you pointed out the hopper on the KA is quite small so it's going to take you a little time... just plan accordingly and have some fun making fresh sausage....I will tell you this, making fresh sausage is addicting.... so you're been duly warned!  LOL

    Shout out if I can help answer any more questions....

  3. boykjo

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    Well put salt..................[​IMG]

  4. pops6927

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    Definitely been there done that and it will work!  Great for small batches but will mush up the meat and real slow for big batches; you will eventually outgrow it, but it will serve you well for a year or more until you can upgrade.  I purchased a Cabela's 1 hp grinder and 15# Northern Tool Stuffer.  But, it will do the job and you will amaze yourself at the quality sausages you will now be able to produce, and you control the leanness and fat content so it is always a healthier choice making your own!  And, a labor of love!  (At least, I love to eat sausages, lol!)

    You hold the casing with one hand controlling the feed to keep the sausage somewhat tight (but not packed too much otherwise you'll burst the casing) while you feed the ground meat into the throat.  Wet the meat a little so it won't stick; you don't want to plunge the throat unless necessary otherwise you will clog the throat and continually have to feed and plunge, feed and plunge; a pain.  Slowly feed a little at a time and keep it wet so it's not sticky (I put a bowl of water next to it and dip my fingertips in it on my right hand as I feed the ground meat into the throat).  You will get the hang of it quickly, I am sure!  I have to do it the same way with my big grinder too, a little at a time and keep it moist so I don't have to plunge too.  Enjoy and remember, it's a process, don't get frustrated, just get better!  It will come!
  5. Thanks Joe!

    And Terry, Pops definitely points out some great info!  Another suggest might be have someone help you the first time or two, especially when stuffing.  One person can handle pushing the ground meat and controlling the KA and the other can handle the casings and stuffing end of the KA.  Years ago, this is how my wife and I got started...seems like a hundred years ago but that's another story [​IMG].

    Also, the colder you keep your meat before grinding, the better that KA is going to work.  Not frozen but real cold.  I do this even with my large grinder.  You can also put the grinder attachment in the fridge prior to grinding to get it real cold.  If you get any small air bubbles/pockets in your casing, just prick them with a pin... no big worries...

    .....and like Pops points out, once you have a few stuffs under your belt, you'll be doing this by yourself with no problems....take your time and have fun!  Look at is this way, you're doing something you like and you get to eat your results!

  6. roller

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    Terry I have 2 KA Mixers and what I use them for is mixing bake goods...I really do not feel the grinding and stuffing attachments will be worth your while. Go for the good stuff you will not be sorry...
  7. daveomak

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    Terry, morning....  The KA grinder works OK...  the stuffer, I tried years ago and got so frustrated with how long it took to stuff sausage casings, I quit... then I found this forum....  The info here led me to a vertical stuffer...   I used the KA for grinding and a 5# vertical stuffer for stuffing....  Then I bought a stand alone grinder....  You will end up with dedicated individual pieces in the future...

    Figure out what size steps you want to take to get to your final level.... I'm where I want to be for now.... #12 grinder and 5# vert. stuffer... about $200 invested...

    This sausage making thing will become an obsession... breakfast patties, beef sticks, andouille, hot dogs....  all made with love and very high quality.... What you put into it is what you eat....

    Have fun.... now, enjoy the long smokey ride...   Dave
  8. uncle_lar

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    I as well started out with the kitchen aid grinder stuffer. It did work better when 2 people were working it for stuffing.

    it took forever to do a small 10# batch of sticks.! wow it does seem like 100 years ago. I now let the wife have sole contrl of the KA  for making delicios

    baked goods and I have a dedicated #12 grinder and 153 vertical stuffer. I can now do a 50# batch of sausage or sticks in the time it took me to do 5# before

    and it is allot more consitant quality. try the KA to see if you are going to like sausage making but its a gimmee! you will out grow it very quickly [​IMG]
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  9. terry colwell

    terry colwell Smoking Fanatic

    Great advice everyone, thanks a bunch. I think trying it with my KA is a go. I need to find the tubes for it.I have the grinding part down and do about 30-40 pounds at a time. I like having the control over the end product. We have very poor selection of  ground beef around here, so making my own is a great way to get what we want to eat.

     So if I understand you right Pops,  Wetting the meat and dropping it straight down the feeder tube is the ticket? Is there certain size tube that works the best? I have a small Kitchen Collectables store by me that sells the stuffer attachment, Or do I just buy tubes and use my grinding attachment? that would be the easiest.  What size tube do you guy recommend to use and which ones to stay away from? Any and all tips are welcomed as far as what to start off making also, and the best places to get supplies from....

                                                                                                           Thanks again All
  10. old poi dog

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    Would you consider looking into a 5 lb stuffer for now?  It just may make the stuffing portion easier.  Besides, as you begin to experiment with sausages, it'll  handle the small batches well.  Reloading is easy for the medium size batches.   Later, if you decide to get a larger stuffer, it'll serve as a great back up.  Whatever you decide is good.  Let the fun times begin..[​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. nepas

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    Good for grinding, Sux as a stuffer.

    Many moons ago been there done that
  12. I started out useing my KA  it's harder to use but it works try e bay for the tubes
  13. roller

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    Its kinda like starting out with a Chicken Hawk then going to a
  14. smokeamotive

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    I use my KA to grind meat with but not to stuff. I have a Cabelas 11lb vert for that. But if you go to they sell what they call a food tray that fits on your grinder providing a larger capacity for holding meat. They cost $ 24.99. Sorry I can't provide a link to thier site but here are some pics of it.



    Hope this helps you out.
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  15. viper1

    viper1 Meat Mopper

    Been using a Kitchen aid 6 qt pro for about 20 years. Just bought a bigger grinder and stuffer as my batches are 20lb plus some times. Still use kitchen aid for less the ten lbs. Works great but not the fastest. Wife helps me stuff using it as always it does great. Most all going Thur the kitchen aid is 40mm casings or smaller. Not sure why people complain. Keep your tools cold and your meat cold the way you should and I have no problems at all. Normally I add spices to my chunked meat and mix well, grind thru big plate, add cure and use little plate then stuff.
  16. terry colwell

    terry colwell Smoking Fanatic

    Roller I know what ya say,,, I HAVE the "chicken Hawk" in my back 


    I think I am going to get this whether I stuff with my KA or not. I can use this for grinding for sure.. Thanks Smokeamotive
  17. nepas

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    My Allstate agent is buying me a new stuffer.

  18. viper1

    viper1 Meat Mopper

  19. wicked1

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    I started with my KA 6qt and it grinds pretty well but became quickly dissatisfied with the stuffing portion.  I ended up breaking a gear on my KA when a bone shard went through the grinder so I ended up buying a 3/4hp grinder and 5lb stuffer from Norther Tool.  Works so much better and faster, but the KA is a good start.
  20. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    No experience with the KA, but I tried the grinder/stuffer route.  You can do it.

    A dedicated stuffer is worth it even though it is something else to buy, clean and store!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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