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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by abyss, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. abyss

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    Hey everyone,

    Been poking around here for a while off and on, I started with a cheap $70 box smoker to give it a try and decide if it was something I wanted to invest in, and did pretty well, so I stepped up to a wsm recently.

    I've gone through many hobbies in life, from 4wheelers to rock crawlers, bmx to cart racing, to my current passions of my kids and their lives of sports and everything else they are involved in, lawn care, and getting back into smoking.

    I live just North of Philly and love the area we live in. I'm in a town that I can walk to almost everything I need, and it's a relatively short drive to get anywhere on the east coast. The change of seasons is always a plus and it's an area where nothing disastrous ever really happens. An occasional heavy snow, and some ice here and there.

    On my old smoker, I've done ribs, pork loins, chicken, turkey, wings (found an amazing way to do them), but never any of the bigger stuff. Since I've gotten the wsm, I've seasoned it and then did 2 smokes, 6 racks of ribs for a family get together, and 2 whole chickens. I have an 8lb pork tenderloin that is marinating as we speak for this evening, and 6 more racks of ribs coming for next weekend for the first eagles game/my birthday.

    Here is my current setup:

    Love the igrill thermometer setup, giving me readouts for multiple pieces of meat and the smoker temp, all in one app. Looking forward to getting some accessories and upgrades for the wsm.

    Does anyone make an accessory that turns your wsm into a grille? I'm looking for a ring that you would put on the bottom bowl to sit the rack just above the charcoal ring that you could then drop the lid onto. Basically i want the center section, but only a couple inches tall
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  2. abyss

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    Found a pic of the first thing I smoked in the wsm:

    Definitely learned the difference between temperature ready and rib done with this smoke, when you think their done, your just getting started!
  3. bombsquadjohn

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    Looks great, I'm doing my first smoking ever right now,I have two 3 lb pick shoulders going for 2 hours now. I'm nervous haha
  4. abyss

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    Good stuff, I was nervous the first time using the smoker, mainly with making sure I could keep temps in the right zone and not letting it get away from me. I had 15 family members coming over so I had pressure on me right off the bat, it went pretty smooth though
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    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!


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