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    The brats were nice but I needed/wanted something smoky so Kielbasa was next in order. Seeing as I made the Brats mild I bumped up the Kielbasa with a touch of cayenne. These turned out really, really tasty with a nice hint of heat. I'm hitting on them like big snack stix dipping in Guldens Spicy Brown mustard and washing down with Coronas. These will definitely be made again, everybody trying them so far has enjoyed the intense smoke flavor from the pecan. I used the pork cushion on these that was scored for $1.28 a pound at Cash & Carry. Will definitely be buying another load of that!! I'm liking it as much as, if not more, than butts for sausage making. Thanks for looking.....Willie

    3 pounds of pork cushion or butt & 2 pounds 80/20 ground chuck

    1 Tbl ground coriander

    2 Tbl Hungarian paprika

    1 tsp ground black pepper

    1 Tbl Kosher salt

    1 Tbl ground dried rosemary

    1 Tbl dextrose

    1 Tbl cayenne pepper

    1 Tbl ground sage

    2 Tbl dry mustard

    1 tsp nutmeg

    1 tsp of Cure #1

    1 cup of NFDM

    1 cup of Coors beer (what I had aound)

    Mixed all dry ingredients into the beer then incorporated into the meat blob. Rested overnight in the fridge. Stuffed into 33/35 hog casings next morning. Allowed to air dry while getting smoker ready. One hour at 150, no smoke. Bumped to 175 for one hour. Bumped to 200 & added pecan chunks. Smoked about 4.5 hours, IT hit 155 and I pulled them to bloom for about an hour.

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  2. b-one

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    Looks great!Thumbs Up
  3. bearcarver

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    Nice Kielbasa!![​IMG]

    Looks Mighty Tasty!![​IMG]-----------[​IMG]

    Nice Job, Willie!![​IMG]

  4. keitha

    keitha Smoke Blower

    oh man, that looks phenomenal!
  5. bdskelly

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    Outstanding Willie.  Point! b
  6. smokeymose

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    Very nice, Willie! Always looking for Kielbasa recipes. I have to ask. What's a pork cushion?


  7. worktogthr

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    Looks great!! That kielbasa recipe looks awesome. A lot more ingredients than in the one I make. Going to have to try it out. Points from a fellow pork cushion fan haha.
  8. dward51

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    Awesome looking sausage there Willie!!!  Thanks for sharing the recipe.  I'll be trying this one.
  9. crazymoon

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    CW, Nice job on the K!
  10. chef jimmyj

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    Pork Cushion is a fairly lean muscle cut from the Picnic, lower front leg...JJ
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  11. unclejhim

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    Good looking sausage you got there. Another recipe added to my collection!
  12. chef willie

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    here's a pic courtesy of Pops.....right up there off the picnic
    thanks....tasty stuff, give it a whirl...if not stuffer & such just make patties
    Thanks John.....been a while since posting but staying busy with the gear
    Thanks.....nuthin like a good sausage
    Thanks buddy....enjoyed making it and quite easy
    You're welcome....hope you enjoy it as much as I am
    Thanks....I know you make a lot of sausage....need to up my game with a new grinder <grin>...
    Great.....happy you're inspired. I'd still be 'wanting' to make sausage if not for guys here on SMF
  13. dave17a

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    That looks great! Gotta do me some.
  14. tropics

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    Willie that looks great


  15. smokinal

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    Way to go Willie!

    Another great post!

    Points for sure!

  16. waterinholebrew

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    Nice job Chef, I can imagine them are tasty with a cold one or two ! :beercheer:
  17. bdc3

    bdc3 Smoke Blower

    Wow really nice Chef! I've got to try making these.
  18. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Thanks Rich.....good stuff indeed, will make again for sure
    Thanks Al.....thinking of a new Lem grinder to match the stuffer. Congrats on the Super Moderator gig!!
    Hell Yes....LOL.....only way to consume them IMO
    Thanks, I'm sure you'd enjoy. If you don't have a stuffer and gear you can always make skinless links like Bears sticks...or patties...have fun
  19. [​IMG]Great Job CW !!

    I just need to add that i just picked up 40 lbs of shoulder from Costco at 1.26lb. now i need to PU a couple of clods (bulk chuck) from C&C to start our Marathon grinding and stuffing[​IMG]

  20. photoguy67

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    Okay, I'm a newbie and I give up. What is NFDM?

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