KFC original recipe made public by the Colonel's nephew?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by dward51, Aug 23, 2016.

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    Well, according to a reporter at the Chicago Tribune, the nephew of Colonel Sanders was showing him a family scrapbook and the will of the Colonel's 2nd wife.  On the back of the will, was the hand written list of the original 11 herbs and spices.  The Tribune reported they tried the recipe and with the addition of a little MSG (which is now confirmed as in the current spice mix), the taste was a match for original recipe KFC.  So did you hear that sound?  Might have been the ol' Colonel flipping over in his grave.....


    Here is the link to where the tribune put the recipe to the test.  A clean copy of the entire process is at the end of this link if you want to cut and paste it to save.  They confirmed that the "T" is Tablespoons.

  2. chef jimmyj

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    Interesting...That is 3Tbs Salt and 3Tbs White Pepper in 2 Cups flour. Seems like a lot...JJ
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    Seems like a bunch, but my normal dredge which is a 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup corn starch requires a hearty dose of spices. So not too surprising.
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    I will try it next opportunity. I have been chasing a clone for a few years so if this is legit or at least close...[​IMG]...JJ
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    Now remember, you got to fry up the bird in a 16 Qt Mirro-matic pressure cooker to be authentic. [​IMG] All though not recommended by mfrs, but I have fried chicken in my large pressure canner. It certainly fries up faster and gives any coating you put on it an interesting texture.

    Never have been a fan of KFC, but have done some research thru the years. Really a sad story. At any rate, several patents are online. Research revealed that the chicken was fried for 7-9 minutes, 1 egg to 1 cup milk, If I recall correctly. Also, the story goes that Sanders made modifications to the pressure cooker, this is all a bunch of hoop-lah really. 2 changes at best: 1. Added an air valve to quickly raise the pressure if needed, and 2. A quick release pressure valve.

    First and foremost, the man was a salesman. And he sold the story hard.

    Now Popeyes and BoJangles, thats some fine fried chicken. [​IMG]
  6. Ts could mean teaspoons?
  7. sauced

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    Yes...seems like way too much. How much chicken is this for?
  8. foamheart

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    t  = teaspoons (tsp)

    T = Tablespoons (Tbsp)
  9. And Origino = Oregano [​IMG]
  10. b-one

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    Okay someone just try it and report back. 1-2-3- not it!
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    This sounded like one of those Internet hoaxes, so I looked at snopes.com, but they have no record of it. I then Googled it and found what perhaps is the article to which the OP refers:


    What is particularly interesting about this article is that the food editor at the Tribune actually went ahead and made the recipe. According to the article, quite a number of people thought it was pretty darned close to the real thing.

    Of course, as already pointed out, most really good commercial fried chicken is done in pressure cookers. My favorite chicken was at the Chicken Bowl, a small take-out place in Melrose Park, IL that was known for "broasted chicken." When you walked in to collect your order, you could see these giant pressure cookers in the kitchen.

    Apparently, after forty years in business, they are now closed. Too bad.
  12. chef jimmyj

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    Todd Wilbur had a tv show where he tried to clone famous recipes. He would dumpster dive for ingredient lists on boxes, take hidden cameras to question employees and then make and taste test a clone. In the KFC attempt a corporate VP told him that Tellicherry Black Pepper was a specific ingredient and Todd found a box from a brine mix that listed Salt and MSG. Todd's recipe below. I have made this and while ok, the savory is too forward and I did not think it was all that close. Note the teaspoon and fraction of a teaspoon quantities in 2Cup flour...JJ

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  15. Wow, that is pretty interesting.
  16. bearcarver

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    Since this is a Kitchen type item, I printed the above posted Recipe out, and laid it on the table on Mrs Bear's Place Mat, so she could make it if she wants to.

    She replied, "If I want KFC, I'll just go pick some up!!!"  [​IMG]

    OK---Got-it !!!  [​IMG]

  17. dward51

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    Folks, if you read the news story at the links in the original post, they confirm "T" is Tablespoons, and yes they made the recipe and taste tested it side by side with today's KFC chicken.  Their conclusion was with the addition of a little MSG (which they also state is confirmed to have since been added to the original version by KFC), they reported it tasted exactly like KFC original recipe as you buy today. 

    And they did not use a pressure fryer.  Fried it in a cast iron skillet "old school".

    There is even a video of them showing the entire spice mix and wet dunk/dredge process they used.  I have not tried this myself, but it looks absolutely legit.  To watch the video, click on the photo at the top of this web page and it should start playing. It's hosted on the Chicago Tribune's site so I can't post a direct link to the video, you have to go to the story and click the video (which is the very top photo).

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  18. Oh My Goodness!

    With the exception of the Celery Salt, and the White Pepper, this is the recipe I have used for about 15 yrs! But I mix it in a 5# of Flour, and divide into4 ZipLock bags and freeze it!

    I use it no only for Chicken, but Fish too!

    Wow didn't realize I was Thaaat close![​IMG]
  19. markyque

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    KFC original recipe made public by the Colon.

    Unfortunately this is how the title showed up on my phone...I was less interested!
  20. sqwib

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    Maybe I'm off base here but white pepper is an expensive item.

    Expense alone may be cost prohibitive for a fast food chain.

    I dunno but my gut says BS.

    Will I ever make it, NO so I'll never know.

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