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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by randocammando, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Before i start there is no Q View yet Sorry [​IMG] my battery died right after i took pics, now i cant find my charger so im looking for that again sorry.

    Thanks to everyone that has responded on my threads they have helped alot so THANKS

    Well we started kicked off the weekend with some chicken breast marinated in garlic and herbs with some monterey jack to see how it would do. I used mesquite chips and smoked for about 2 hrs and the chicken came out a buetiful nice golden brown, so juicy and plump the monterey is a awesome choice for chicken.

    One thing i didnt like was the water and chip tray placement it is about a inch above the heating element and it was really smoking at all little puffs of smoke like off a cigarette and the water would hardly boil to keep everything moist.

    SO some what happy with the results of the chicken I went and got some spare ribs to give it the real test. Trimmed them up some salt and pepper nothing fancy. I removed the tray for the water and chips and put the directly of the heating element and what a difference smoke was some much better and the water was boiling i actually had to refill it also keep the ribs nice and moist and happy. After all cooked up my wife looked at me and said that is the best ribs you have every cooked I turned to her and said well maybe (they where preety darn good) so IM HOOKED the wife happy so im happy. After I went and made a plate for some neighbors to see what they thought they loved them. One offering up a whole chicken so i can smoke it up for him lol

    1. I think for a first smoker its not bad especially for the price $76.00
    2. Take out the tray and put tray right on heating element.
    4. out of 10 its a 6 dont no enough about it

    When i find out more about here i will post thank you for looking and i know its was kinda long so sorry for that lol C YA and smoke on
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    congratulations... this is only the beginning
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    Sounds like a success... Congratulations Rando![​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Sounds like we have a winner, congrats

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