Kenmore Frost Free Freezer questions

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  1. Hi Guys,

    So my Frost free freezer that I had set up as a curing chamber for dry cured salumi and whole muscle crapped the bed.

    So I figured I should turn it into a smoker.  I have contemplated electric or propane.  

    I guess I will start with what I want to do with it.  I would like it to be universal...Hot smoke (Ribs, Butt, Chicken Etc.)  Cold smoke(fish, bacon, some of the cry cured meats i make, etc)

    This is a new Frost free freezer....I was hoping the more experienced members could shed some light on safety when it comes to how I should Line the interior. it is currently plastic.

    any other old threads that some one may know about would be greatly appreciated....I want to get rocking on this soon cause spring is here in NH and BBQ season is on it way.

    thanks for your help joe
  2. Hello Joe.  You are correct in that the plastic has got to go.  Sheet steel or aluminium is what most folks use.  Another problem may be with the insulation, being new I'd bet it is polystyrene ( styrofoam ) and REALLY stuck to the outer wall.  It will come off, just takes time and elbow grease.  Go back with some rockwool and your off and running.  As for propane or electric, each has + and -.  I will be using oven controls and propane on mine.  I don't have an outlet for electric ( or the breaker space, so new breakerbox ) AND I plan to mount mine on a small trailer so I have the option of portability ( may never need it but I like options ).  As for "versatility" I am planning the mailbox mod (search bar) and the AMNPS that Jeff sells.  That should allow me the option of cold smoking.  Just my humble opinions.  Others may have different advice.  Good luck.  Remember the picts of the build.  Keep Smokin!

  3. I will most definetly post the pics.  Im finishing up my Log Splitter build soon as thats done its on the the smoker.

    tried to search the that just the tray that sits inside the mailbox?
  4. wasp

    wasp Fire Starter

    Hello from Western Australia
    I have issues with cold smoker fridge mod
    Is there a users friendly paint or should I just line it with stainless
    This fridge is cold smoke only pellet fed cold smoke generator with thermostat that can be programed to be plus or minus 1 degree
    It works very well but cleaning???
    Thank you

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