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  1. all new material, built bye me , fire box is 22" x  22" x  22" x  3/8"  w/ top and rear doors and fully adjustable air intake. open the top and you have a removable grate for grilling, the top fully open makes an extra shelf.  Main chamber is 23" x 48" 1/4" steel with 2 -22"x22" sliding food trays, 3-1/4" tuning plates that cover the entire bottom for heat control these are bent to allow grease to drain to the sides to help keep from flair ups, has a counterweighted door for easy opening w/ 2.5 temp guage,,6" adjustable smokestack w"/ rainguard, (3- drilled & taped holes in counterweight for mounting logo) stainless steel shelf in front is 14" x 40" and is removable for easy cleaning, under the shelf is another expanded metal shelf also removable. Under front shelf is a storage area 14" x 48" x 5" deep good for wood storage. upright box is 3/16" steel 46" tall x 22" wide x 24" deep w/5 sliding  food trays, and diamond plate door w/ 2.5"  temp guage, also w/6" adjustable smoke stack w/rainguard. has a 20" x 70" x 12" deep storage area on the back side . trailor is 2" x 2" x 1/4" steel tubing.15" tires & wheels, wires run through 1/2" sch 40 pipe welded under trailor

    (no zip ties) new lights, safty chains, and 2" coupler w/ 5000lb jack,front toung is covered w/3/8" diamond plate.empty weight is 1920 lbs. trailor has 3500lb axel and is regesterd at 3400lbs so you can add 1400 lbs of gear and still be legal on the road.this is one of the best looking smokers

    around! if this is to big for you i am going to make a smaller version of this as soon as i sell this one. or if you need something else built just let me know and I will do my best to build anything you like, would like make this a fulltime buisness someday soon. But for now it's just to help make  a

    little extra cash, if you know what i mean! this is a cash only sale. my name is ken and you can call me at 214-243-3015 thanks for your time.

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