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  1. Just had a thought, sometimes they can be dangerous. To help keep the temps down for doing some low temp smoking, like jerky, but still keep enough flame to keep the wood smoking what if you where to put ICE in the water pan??
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    I have a GOSM and I would never be able to get it low enough. Just get a $7 hot plate and put in the bottom or a pile of chips and 2 lit briquettes or a can w/ chips and soldering iron.

    those are the three options I have seen. I have done none of them but they are on my list to try
  3. two thing that i have done are turn flame as low as can go then turn bottle valve on top of propane cylinder down all the way untill you see your flame drop. i have done this to keep temps on mine at 150 deg. also i make alot of jerky and what i have done is put smoke on heavy at start. for 20-30 min then i remove smoke pan. i get the smoke rolling heavy on high flame with the door proped open so the box temp does not exceed 150 deg. then reduce flame and let roll i have found that 20-30 min at start and then when jerky is about 90% dry roll the smoke again untill desired taste this works really well and you reduce the risk of over smokeing. and still yields all the flavor.if you do want to keep smoke going the entire cook then get you a cheap 4 -6 inch firerod element put it in with chips plug in and let it rool.
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    I've seen replacement burners for very cheap, under $20, and I've thought about getting an extra to experiment with. Maybe use some high temp JB Weld to fill 1/2 the burner openings. Pressure should be able to stay up but reduced heat output.
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    To answer specifically...the heat of solidification of water is 80 Cals/Gm. The heat of evaporation is 540 same units. Just having water at the steam point is 7 times more effective than having a block of ice in the smoker.

    On Edit... It's actually NOT that dramatic after a while..because of course the ice eventually melts and vaporizes... now it WILL help keep water in the pan a bit longer...but it really won't help temps much

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