Keeping drippings off A-Maze-N Pellet tray?

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  1. Been smoking for a awhile on all my weber products but just added a 40" MES and ordered up the pellet tray. My ? is whats a good spot to place it and what have you come up with for keeping drippings off of the pellets?  Thanks - Ken
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  2. daveomak

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    Mail Box Modification is the best...  allows for cold smoking also......

  3. c farmer

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    I don't have a 40, but I have a 30. I just tent foil over it. Works good.

    The mailbox mod is a great idea, I just never did it yet.
  4. Thanks guys. At this time I'm not ready to do the mailbox method yet. Maybe down the line for now Im thinking either foil tent or bending up a piece of sheet metal roof for over it.  Still trying to figure out my cart i'm going to build for it to move it around since I have a extremely bad back and cant be lifting or bending over much. 
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  6. Thanks was surfing as I got your response, so many great ideas here on the forum. Thanks for the suggestions I appreciate it
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    happy to help! Surfing in the ocean or the forums? Dumb question, but I love to surf (ocean) and it's a habit to ask!
  8. On the forum,,, wish I could surf in the ocean too but those days are past me lol.
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    Hehe, that's where smoking meat fills a void!
  10. This is true. Sadly my backs shot so now more crazy hobbies. Relax and grill / smoke / bbq is my lifestyle :)
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    Benefits of being an elder statesman!
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    I might be a tad late to this party but when I was using my amazn in the smoker I took a cooking tin and cut it in half and just turned it upside down over the basket, worked perfect every time.  I reused that tin also without even washing it.

    I will say the Mailbox mod has been a BIG step up from just putting the amazen inside.
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