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  1. Hello, 
    I love the product, but often have difficulty getting it to continue smoking after it is started. It usually takes several re-lights after it is first going and placed into my MES 30". I've thought about maybe baking/drying the pellets in the oven for a little while first or even putting them in my dehydrator, thinking perhaps that they get moisture in them while being stored. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. They do get moisture. I microwave for a min. then let sit. Then I load the AMNPS and put it in the MES while it is warming up. In the winter I place it in my fire place, Then spend 15 min. getting it going. Most problems are from getting in a hurry.

    Happy smoken.

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  3. Thanks. I hadn't thought of heating the AMNPS, duh :). Will try next time. Just seems like each time has gotten tougher for some reason.
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  4. I went threw that. The more it went out the worse it got. I was chasing it. I would tell my self 15 min. then in about 5 i would say ok it is doing good. Nope! Patience and watch the clock. Also the Mes is drawing better after it warms up. I run it for a Min. when I am going to cold smoke so it draws better.

    Happy smoken.

  5. Today was a struggle, but finally have good thin blue smoke. First attempt never gave good smoke, but wound up flaming across the top of the entire tray, and I couldn't put it out. However, I was trying a mix of apple and pecan pellets, so maybe one was drier than the other and took more heat than the other so one would up igniting. Started over with Pitmaster's Choice, and looks ok now. Will definitely dry pellets some and heat tray next time. Thanks.
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    I usually microwave my pellets for a good 6 to 7 minutes on high to remove as much moisture as possible. You need to stir them a couple of times mid zap though or the moisture released by the bottom pellets can make the top pellets expand.

    The type of pellet can also make a big difference - I have no problem with keeping hickory pellets alight whereas Oak is always more temperamental.

    In my smoker I also find the orientation of the AMNPS makes a difference. Maybe it is due to general air flow or maybe it is the burning pellets slightly warming the pellets ahead - I am not sure. I find the AMNPS works better if you orientate it so that it burns zig-zag across the air flow rather than it burning with the air flow and then against it.
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  7. Great, thanks for the additional info. It probably doesn't help on humid mornings like today either.
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    I dry my pellets, in the AMNPS, in the MES for an hour or 2 at 275, while I'm sanitizing the MES at 275...
  9. Thanks Dave. I've just been sanitizing it after smoking, but I suppose there wouldn't be harm in running it up high for a while beforehand too, so that might be a good route to take. 
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    Weathertom , practice my 'Matra' , patience...

    have fun...
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  11. I got some great tips from the AMNPS customer service which should help in addition to the excellent advice here. Thanks again.
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    Tom and I emailed a few times and I gave him some ideas

    If you are struggling, don;t hesitate to call me at work or my cell!!

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