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  1. Just came here to brag about  finding this K7 kamado it needs some serous TLC but having good luck so far finding  parts. the firebox is totaled.refractory ceramics in pieces. hopefully smoking with this baby soon . more pics  to come! any suggestions welcomed!
  2. Hello.  Looks a worthwhile project.  You seem to be off to a good start.  Keep us posted.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


  3. fixed hairline cracks with High temp  refractory coating

    fire box cracked

      the top damper threads locked up

     vise grips and little time Easy Off Oven cleaner loosened the spider threads up yea!  
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  4.  more cleaning to do  and found a dealer  who makes  New Kamados of this older version the  Kamado Rocket  can be found at Galaxy outdoors Las Vegas NV> galaxyoutdoors.com he has promised  some tiles and grout and a firebox to boot!
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  5.  the original Mushiakamado grill stainless with a center  that is removable or a wok or more fuel.
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  6. new tiles 

    new stainless steel rod firebox.. thanks to galaxyoutdoor.com las vegas

    Re-grout the blue kamado with charcoal color.. nearly finished need gaskets ..... We Be Smoking!
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  7. first fire  in the kamado mesquite lump and chunks ... got her smoking was going to just season it  couldnt resist .. had to put some burgers on ..

     gonna be a smoking hot spring !

  8.     ribs and brisket  the next fare.... just warming up
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    Nothing better!!!!!'
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    Nice project! How much this model retail as new ? These seem to crack pretty easily, but i guess its just a price to pay for high-heat and good insulating. Insulating is better than Weber smokers, can you notice the difference on the amount on fuel ?
  11.  thanks .... this Kamado is about 25 years old from what ive learned...it was  basically unusable.. hairline cracks   to be expected from ceramics left in the elements for  many years no cover exposed... it is an absolute miser of lump still working on my first 20 lb bag .. close   it up and relight.. what understand there are only  three  Kamados made in the USA right now  the  BGE  Primo and Kamado Rocket.. the K i have is the antique version of the Kamado Rocket being made in Las Vegas.  the owner of  KR told me a blue tile K lists for 3200$ delivered ..Ouch but there is a luxury model Kamadokomodo. which is even more expensive. if i were in the market to buy a kamado or when this one ever happens to fail i would check out the Primo Oval! thnks for  looking it was fun project .. happy smoking
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    I have a K7 in cobalt blue as well.  The tiles keep falling off.  I have been using Rutlands furnace cement but it doesn't seem to last all that long.  Do you know of anything else out there that might work better?  I have about 50 tiles that need to be reattached.

    Also did your Rods firebox coast $229.))  that's what I was quoted.  I also need a firebox for a K3 as well


  13. Talk to John galaxyoutdoor.com Las Vegas NV. He manufactures kamados ..he helped me with the thin set grout and tiles they use
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  14. And the $ was the same for the ss firebox
  15. Also there is product that I've used to fix cracks ..kiln cement. Rated up to 2000 degrees
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    Great project - I'd love to find a neglected unit and work on a restoration.

    The tile units are snazzy, very cool that you took time to re-grout as well.

  17. the kamado whatever the brand are awesome smokers  the fuel is lump charcoal  the smoke from a few chunks of wood   can go up to 16 hrs with one fill , 225 -350 degrees the meat is moist without the use of a water pan ..  it is also can be used as a grill up to 700 degrees. highly recommended for set and forget with high quality results!
  18. I am picking up a K7 rebuild project tomorrow too.  The usual, crack in the refractory cement it was made with, and a frozen spider which makes the top damper un-adjustable. You can sure tell where the firebox ends at, from the scorched paint line.

  19. looks like it is in  good shape from the outside..  try easy off oven cleaner on the spider threads.. let soak just like you would penetrating oil. clean threads  what you can  get to w/wire brush . 
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