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    I have had my Vision Kamado for about a year now and love it. A few weeks ago for my birthday the family bought me a temperature controller for it the Pitmaster IQ. So yesterday we had plans to go to a beer festival and would be gone for 5hrs. this would be a great way to test it out. I decided to make pulled pork for the 10 people coming over after the festival. The pork was made the same way I always do mustard and a rub on the night before. The on the Kamodo early in the morning at 225° 

    Here is i pix of the pitmaster IQ

    About 6hrs in I open it to spray apple juice on the pork

    Now its time to leave for the beer festival so I double wraped in foil and in the Kamado at 250°

    Then back 5hrs later the internal temp is 190° so i took them out and let them rest for an hour. Here the are after opening foil.

    The bones came out very easy.

    Now pulled and ready to serve along with baked beans done in my MES and my wife's blue cheese coleslaw.

    My plate with SoFlaQuers finishing sauce on the pork.

    The Pitmaster IQ did a great job of letting me leave my Q and not having to worry about temp now I can get some sleep after getting it started early in the morning on those long cooks.
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    Looks great! Yummm


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