Just started my 250 gal. center fired RF build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by derek712, May 12, 2011.

  1. Picked up my 250 gal propane tank today and got it all flushed out and started on the door.Using a 4 1/2 " grinder with a cutoff wheel, works pretty good. I made my door 17 1/2" x 89 1/2", almost thinking the 17 1/2 is not big enough, Anyone see a problem with that size or should it be fine? No pictures because i do not know how to do that.
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    Good luck with the build
  3. 2bears

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    17 inch doors will be plenty.

    But the 89" length will be a bear to open, you might want to cut 2 doors in that so you have an easier time opening them.

    Post some pictures as you go...
  4. I'm with 2Bears on this one.

    You might wanna go with two doors for both the ease of lifting and to help avoid sag, warpage and heat loss from that big an opening.
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    We'll be watching !
  6. Thanks for the reply 2bears and spankerchief. I ended taking your advice and going with 2 doors. Got one cut and trimmed and hinged today, plan on gettin the other 1 done 2morrow, then do a burn out
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