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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by slabslayer, May 28, 2014.

  1. New to smoking since Monday. Long time griller. But I just got a WSM 18.5 last Thursday and love it. I live in NE Ohio. The screen name comes from my tournament fishing and not slabs of ribs! :)
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    Heh heh heh another OGF member here - I'm FOSR there.
  3. Welcome to SMF, glad you joined up.

    Gary S
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  5. Thanks guys! Blue Whisper I'll catch you over there. I haven't posted much there on OGF, new to site but I'm slabslayerjoel over there. I'm also on IceFishOhio as slabslayer and part all year. You ever on there?
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    Never been on icefishohio.

    It's funny - I'm on Ohio Game Fishing but I don't fish, and they know it. I'm sort of a tolerated environmentalist troll over there. I'm on that board because I run the Friends of the Scioto River, and those fishermen are my thousand eyes and ears reporting on the local streams. No one else spends more time around the waters than those guys, with the possible exception of law enforcement officers.

    However, on this board, I'm a "stick burner" and I do in fact smoke meat.

    Anyway, welcome to the board, settle in!

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