Just got a freezer need some advise

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by mcmelik, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. mcmelik

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    I just picked up a nice philco freezer from a friend and am going to make it into a smoker. I have it gutted and I have some holes to fill inside the porcelain coated freezer box. The inside of the door is plastic so I am planning on removing it and repalcing it with some steel.

    My question starts with this. I want this to be a simple electric smoker for sausage and dogs. I don't need anything to elaborate. Just functional.

    I am planning on a 3 or 4 inch smoke stack on top as soon as I can get to Lowes to pick one up. And 3 to 4 hanging rods on top and maybe half way down (If that will work) And some removable racks made of expanded metal to smoke other stuff. IDEAS are welcome at any point.

    What about a heat deflector to keep the drippings off of the element and smoking chip pan?? Ideas??
    Grease collection ??? Air flow ?? Do I need to make some kind of adjustable opening at the bottom for that? A friend told me I should put a high temp fan in it to keep the air moving. I am not sure about that.

    Any and all input would be greatly appreciated
  2. smokednarwhal

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    I am in the process of a similar build and what I plan to do is find or make a large drip pan above the burner that will serve double purpose as a heat deflector as well. I am using a smoke generator with an air pump so I don't think I will need any other inlet vents, but I'm curious to hear other opinions. I know there can be issues with stagnant smoke creating creasote, and it seems that for a chimney to work properly you would need some source of air coming in, preferably near the bottom.

    Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide and pics would be great.
  3. mcmelik

    mcmelik Smoke Blower

    will do ... Here is what I am starting with. A buddy was using it a week ago and it died on him It doesn't need any cleaning at all.
    The inside as porcelain coated with no rust and is very clean. The outside edge is plastic which I have removed and will get some metal cut to fit. And I will replace the rubber gasket with fiberglass stove seal.

    The door is all plastic inside I am going to bring that to the local machine shop and have them cut me a piece of metal to fit.
  4. mulepackin

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    Mine is an old freezer conversion. I used a Brinkmann heating element, cookie trays for drip pans. Made a perforated, curved heat deflector. Has an Allied Kenco thermo. My main smoke generator is a side box with a hot plate and pan. I also have a smoke daddy style generator that I built. I don't care for the quality of smoke it makes so far. The side box heat is independant of the heat need to "cook" the products and lasts about 6 hours on a fill.
  5. mcmelik

    mcmelik Smoke Blower

    Thanks for he help guys. especially you Smokednarwhal. I am thinking I like your build. I just got my 16 gauge metal for the inside of the door back from the machine shop today. I got it roughed in tonight. But still need to get it just right. I will put a fiber glass gasket around it but for now it is looking good

    I have the door panel roughed in now i nee to put a little high temp caulk and a gasket around the door.
    Then I am going to follow smokednarwhal' plan via omahasmoker and get this project smoking
  6. What gauge steel did you use for the door?

    As for the air flow, here is what my current Cookshack smoker has and it works great. On the very bottom of the unit inside, the floor v's in the middle slightly, with a dime size hole dead center. The drippings run there and down the hole into the awaiting drip pan mounted outside and underneath.

    Anyways, go with me here... The heating element is inside the smoker box, which houses the chunks above the element. The box has a hinged angled roof (which I line with foil every smoke to ease cleanup)

    The smoke box is also a cover for the element. What I'm getting at is that the "air intake" is the dime size hole in the bottom. Smoke exits out the quarter size hole in the top. That's it - no other air movement. Very simple, small and it works very well and keeps ALOT of moisture in the unit. I have never needed a water pan.

    Maybe that will help in your design plans. I too am planning on using a smoke generator (made from a scuba tank - gotta be true to my name!)
    and that will be my air intake, and a small (2" muffler) exhaust out the top/back of the unit.

    I often wonder if the 3" or 4" exhaust pipes are too much, but all I know is what the cookshack does and it seems to work fine with small holes.
  7. mcmelik

    mcmelik Smoke Blower

    Thanks diver I will keep all of that in mind. I haven't cut any holes in it yet
  8. kernbigo

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    Buy the a-maze-n-smoker I built my own but works great Kernbigo @yahoo.com
  9. scarbelly

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