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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by cyre, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. I have finally bought an electric smoker after the cheap charcoal one that I bought at a yard sale rusted out the bottom too much to be of any use, and I hope it lives up to my expectations. From reading the posts on here, I think it will!

    I am a total newbie when it comes to smoking, I never was able to get the temp to be just right with the charcoal smoker, either far too hot or way too cold. The electric thermostat on the new one should fix that problem.

    I have it running a "break-in" cycle now (I started to just go ahead and put in the ribs, but now that it's up to 125 degrees and I smell that horrible smoke coming out of it, I'm glad I didn't!) and after it finishes, I'll wipe it all down inside and get the meat on.

    There is such a wealth of information here that it'll take WEEKS to go through it all! How'd anyone ever learn this stuff before the internet? [​IMG]

    Anyway, now that I have a decent smoker, I'm sure I'll be bugging y'all with too many questions, but I sure do appreciate this forum being available!
  2. rip

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    Welcome to the site , glad you found it. Sounds like your on your way to some tasty food, have fun and if you have ?s just ask.
  3. mossymo

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    That horrible smell is it burning off all new materials smells. If you have not put your ribs in yet, wait until you have seasoned it well. To season it run it at 250º for an hour or so, then spray down the interior with Pam. If you do not have Pam available, wipe it down with vegtable oil or butter and keep running it at 250º. Now for an hour or two more put in some wood chips to help get rid of the new odor.

    From this point forward every time you smoke with it, the smoker will get even more seasoned with each smoke. When cleaning up after smoking, do not wipe down the interior walls, just clean the racks, water pan and drip trays. I wrap the water pan and interior drip tray with aluminum foil for easier clean up. Good luck and congrats on the new smoker.
  4. crewdawg52

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    Welcome to SMF Cyre and hope you find "smokin" as enjoyable as we do! You will find that you can turn out some very tasty smoked meats with just a little effort. Heed the advice from Mossy. Very important to season a new smoke well before smoking any meats.

    Also, check out Jeff's Free 5 day eCourse. Lots of great info for the new "smoker". Dont be afraid to ask questions. That's what we are here for. Good luck with the smokin!

  5. zapper

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    I don't have one but I love to check them out when I see one (I just wish the unit was a bit wider and my wallet a bit fatter)

    At any rate from my research and searching I think you just bought one of the top five electric smokers out there. (I have looked at some commercial equipment too) I only say top five to avoid hurting anyones fellings or starting a "best of" war[​IMG]

    I think that the ease of use will lead you to smoke more and more often. Ribs can be a good thing or a bad thing to start with. Bad only because there is less of a standard of what folks consider the "perfect" finished rib. Good because you are only talking six hours or so to smoke. Follow a recipe on something the first time that you try it, and then if it is not to your liking you can blame the recipe and modify it towards your likeing the next time.

    Meat loafs, fatties, brats, ABTs, buts and the like are what I consider the foolproof stuff to smoke. After these the sky is the limit!

    Good luck and post Pics!
  6. bbq bubba

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    Welcome to the SMF! [​IMG]
  7. mossymo

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    I have the smaller of the Masterbuilts, last week my wife purchased us the larger stainless steel Masterbuilt; it is 8 inches taller and 5 inches wider than the original Masterbuilt. It doesn't sound like much, but to look at them you will see the difference. Below is a picture of the larger and smaller Masterbuilt, also in the pics is a Bradley that a friend let me try to compare.

    To me the Bradley is a very nice smoker, but all in all I prefer the Masterbuilt, the Masterbuilt seemed to keep temperature much better in the North Dakota winter temperatures. Also, if you look at the heating elements in both you will see why a Masterbuilt holds their temperatures better.


  8. glued2it

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    Welcome to SMF!
  9. homebrew & bbq

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    Welcome to SMF! I'm pretty new to smoking and I've been learning on a Masterbuilt. Thanks to the folks here at the forum, I've gone from a fumbling newbie to an enthusiastic amateur who still has a lot to learn. [​IMG]

    Make yourself at home. Read the info in the links on the left. Keep asking whatever questions you have and you'll be cranking out grub that folks will be drooling over before you know it.
  10. t-bone tim

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    Welcome to SMF , and congrats on your new toy , that MES is very versitile and you can do most anything with it ...I started with it and still use it regulary, good luck and see ya in the forums [​IMG]
  11. deejaydebi

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    Looks like the Mama bear and two baby bears - how cute! [​IMG]
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    Welcome to smf, keep comin round for tons of great smokin info.

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