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    Hi there.  In prepping a couple butts to smoke tomorrow for eating on Labor Day, a light bulb went off in my head.  See, in the past when we have finished putting the dry rub on one, we would lay out at least two long pieces of plastic wrap to wrap them in and put in the fridge overnight.  Problem is, sometimes it would leak pork juice all over the fridge.

    Enter light bulb.  Forgive me if this has been posted before, but it hit me to use my food saver, seal a meal unit and just put it in a bag and seal it.  No worry about leaks and it might just help marinate the meat a bit.

    That is all. [​IMG]
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    Good idea......   [​IMG]  ......
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  3. That is a good idea. I did something similar with a cpl racks of ribs I brought to the race track. I did them on the mini WSM so cut them in half for my rib rack. I decided the vac pac was the way to go to keep the leakage down in the RV fridge. I rarely rub before hand but they turned out great so I may be converted.
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    I will be doing my 4th ever smoke today - 3 racks of spares. On my first smoke I did the same, just wrapped in plastic wrap and put in fridge overnight. Next morning when I took them out, had a nice mess on the fridge shelf.

    I picked up some large zip lock bags, I normally cut the racks in half for ease of handling anyway, so  last night after rubbing I wrapped in plastic, then slid in zip lock bags. Should not have a mess this morning...

    I will need a different plan when I graduate up to doing a butt, which I plan on doing my next smoke, as I doubt there are zip lock bags big enough to hold one.
  5. chiskip

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    I just put the plastic wrapped meat on a cookie sheet then in the fridge. Whatever leaks stays in the pan.
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  7. damon555

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    My time saver is to not bother with the rub until right before it goes on the smoker......I've noticed no difference whether I rub the night before or right before it goes on the smoker.
  8. id2nv2nj2ca

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    That would certainly be a time saver.  I'm surprised there is no difference in the flavor from letting the rub "marinate" overnight and even longer.  Thanks for the tip, may just try that next time around.
  9. I'm another one who puts the rub on right before the meat goes in the smoker  [​IMG]   I used to prep everything ahead of time or even a day or two before but I have since quit doing that with no quality loss.
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  11. travisb

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    I always have problems vacuum sealing moist things like a raw butt, since the moisture tends to go up to the top and prevent a good seal. I usually go with the cookie sheet method as well.
  12. This is what my book says: Either pre-freeze moist foods such as raw meat for 1-2 hours before vacuum packaging, or place a folded paper towel between food and end of bag to absorb excess liquids. Just be sure to leave at least 3 inches between paper towel and end of bag so that bag seals properly with paper towel inside.
  13. travisb

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    Thanks for the reply, that's what I try to do, but I will be more careful about it now.. Hopefully once I get some new bags off this site I will get fewer leaks in general.
  14. Folks,

    You can get HUGE ziplocks at Wally World. In Denver stores there are up to 10 Gallon bags, sort of a competitor to the 'Space Bags' thing, but no vacuum valve. Makes brining butts a dream, 2 butts to a bag and off you go, no muss, no fuss.

  15. boykjo

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    Using your vacuum sealer is also great for storing food in a cooler. How many times when your ice has melted your zip lock bag full of food got soaked with ice water and you had to throw it out because it ruined the food. Especially if you have something like raw shrimp in one bag and raw hamburger in another. I don't even use the vacuum feature when storing in a cooler. Just place the food in the bag and seal and you wont cross contaminate your food nor ice water

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  16. I no longer rub overnight. I always have 2 gallon ziploc bags and still put on a sheet tray in the fridge. 

    I vac sealed an elk and a deer after processing and the moisture was a nightmare - ended up putting a rolled up piece of papertowel on the top of the meat to catch the moisture. I believe Vaccum Sealers Unlimited (one of our sponsors has a moisture strip up the center to help prevent this). Cabela's brand also has the Vac Strip and they are really heavy. 
  17. dirtsailor2003

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    This is what I do when I plan on smoking meats while camping. Since we dry camp (no camp ground, running water, electricity, etc.) and often boat in to places there isn't much of a prep area. This is one of the only times that I will preseason. I do it at home and just seal (no vacuum)  the meat in the vac-pac and throw in the cooler. No mess at camp. The bags get re-purposed into garbage bags or we simple fold them up for easy pack-out. We also pack other items like cheese, crackers, etc..
  18. id2nv2nj2ca

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    For some reason, probably all the Diners, Drive-In's and Dives the wife and I watch, where some places will marinate or season things, sometimes for days, I figured putting on the rub overnight and a bit longer would add more flavor to the meat.  And just now it hit me that all that liquid that is sucked out of the meat, that I was worried about leaking in the fridge may actually cause it to dry a bit more during the smoking process.  I guess I will give rubbing right before smoking a try next time around, but the last two I did, even after the butts had been frozen and defrosted, turned our really tender, and not too dry at all.  Just had some for lunch today.  After I pull it, I put it in the food saver bags and freeze it.  We reheat by simply putting the bag in boiling water.
  19. Couple of things...

    1)  From my research and (meager) personal experience...I don't see a lot of difference between overnight vs 'just prior' rub...however, my smoking days are always rather hectic with early starting, etc...so it is just easier for me to rub the night before.  One less thing to worry about, you know?

    2)  For anyone who smokes a lot...or even vac seals a lot...I would seriously consider a chamber sealer (also available from Lisa at  Vaccum Sealers Unlimited)(additional benefit:  no problems with liquid or moisture sealing!).  They are expensive initially...but the bags are crazy cheap compared to foodsaver.  Mine paid for itself in less than a year from bag savings alone...
  20. danbury

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    Yep, same here.  Salt, pepper and a little brown sugar just before going on the pit.  Spritz with apple cider late in the smoke and it's good to go.

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