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    Well we come together to relate to a sad story that was passed along my way at work the other day. Its a story about a little boy, his mentor, a problem he had at home and the solution the little boy came up with to resolve it. So here it goes......

    Theres this little boy down at the Boys and Girls Club facility in town. The club mentors to children from all walks of life who for one reason or another need just a little help in guidance with growing up, dealing with problems and developing good morals and sound judgement.

    Its early August and the little boy has been coming to the club for several months now. He comes from a broken home where mom and dad had recently gotten a divorce and his dad had custody of him. His dad is a truck driver and out of town quite often and mom is a school teacher. On one Sunday visit the mentor early in the day thought the little boy was a little depressed but didn't press him for too much information. As the day went along the mentor noticed even more problems with the boy. He began to hint around a little but the little boy didn't let on what was going on. Now, its 4PM and its getting close to the 6PM time that the mentor had arranged to take the little guy home, but the mentor hadn't figured out what was bothering the little boy yet. So he just sat the little guy down and asked him.

    The little guy began sobbing a bit and said "I don't want to go back to my dads anymore.Can't I go someplace else?" So the mentor asked him why?

    The little boy said, "my dad would have gotten home today, he'll be tired and when I want to play or ask questions he'll get mad and hit me."

    So the mentor not having ever had knowledge of this asked a few questions. He said, "what do you mean he hits you?"

    The little boy said, "he just gets mad and hits me, over and over and over again and says leave me alone I'm tired and want to watch tv."

    So, the mentor is a little shocked and asks the little guy to wait here a minute and left the room. After he returned he told the little boy, "its ok son, I have spoken to both your mom and dad, they both agreed that since your so upset you could instead go stay with your mom a few days. She doesn't have to start getting ready for school for another week so she would be happy to spend time with you."

    "No, no" the little boy screamed. "She is worse than my dad, she beats me hard with bels and sticks and makes me sit in the closet."

    Well the mentor is shocked and at first doesn't know how to react. So he calls in his support team of children advocates and professional social service workers. They begin interviewing the boy and state workers decide among themselves decide to place the boy in emergency care until they can get to the bottom of it. They start to make calls but couldn't place him in a home anywhere. So, being an emergency court advocate the mentor decides he can come live with him for a while. They all go back to the boy and give him the news.

    The little boy says "I couldn't do that to you, you have been to kind already". They do their best to convince the boy he will be ok, but he is determined not to go willingly. He is afraid that anybody who knows him will beat him.

    So to humor him they ask him who or where he would like to live with.

    He said, "The Kansas City Royals."

    They laughed and asked him why the Kansas City Royals.

    The little boy said, "come on, I thought you were all smart grown ups. The Kansas City Royals don't beat anybody"!

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