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  1. These were 10 Lbs each!  Started them at 6:30 am and were off at between 5-5:30pm on Saturday.  Rested them for an hour and then let everyone have at it!  The Lang was like a machine.  Kept a steady temp through the entire cook.

    This was my first long smoke on the Lang.  Had it 3 weeks now.  

  2. iggythump

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    No lie, thats an excellent smoke and an excellent smoker! All looks great and I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves!
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  3. bwsmith_2000

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    Really nice looking butts! I'll bet everyone went home full. How many did you feed\?
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  4. There we 25 people there.  Everyone was very complementary of how good it was.  
  5. twoalpha

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    Great looking butts..

    What size is you Lang?

    How much charcoal did it take for the smoke or did you use all wood?.


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    I have a butt in the smoker now, its 192 IT and been in there for 23 hours! 

    Good lookin Butts! I bet you made a lot of smiles.

    PS :: that lang is one smokin machine!
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  7. This is my 36" Stretch Deluxe Lang Runabout.  I used all wood for smoking these butts.  I used hickory splits 16" long and about the size of your forearm.  Had to add a split about every 25 - 35min for 12 hours.  She holds temp very well and steady.  This is my first stick burner and I was really worried that I would have a hard time with fire management.  But this has been awesome.  I have people come up when I fill the truck up when I pull it and ask all kind of questions.  I really love this smoker.
  8. twoalpha

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    Thanks for the follow up. Mighty fine looking unit. Been thinking about one myself.
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  9. Thanks.  Where in NC do you live?  If you don't mind me asking.
  10. twoalpha

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    Near Lexington, NC
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