Juicy Well-done Chops on Weber Kettle: Q-view

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by forluvofsmoke, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Chops have never been my strong point...so hard to get done without drying them out. But, for my second burn on the Weber 18.5 Gold, the steady & lower grilling temps it is capable of were just the ticket. I felt compelled to share my success of tonight's after-work dinner project.

    I put just short of 1/2 a chimney of mesquite lump into the Weber kettle (second burn & I'm using lump...hmm), and I had 1/2 a chimney of charcoal briquettes heating one of my 22.5" kettles as well. I started searing most of the chops in the Weber over medium/low heat, and then, transferred that first batch to the larger kettle with charcoals to finish. The second batch to hit the Weber stayed there from start to finish, and after the first side was seared, I slowed the fire way down to low heat and occasionally rotated them over the smaller fire for more even cooking.

    To get the chops cooked to well done without drying out, I try to look for juices just appearing on the surface before I flip them over. Then, for the finish, I drop the temps way back (if possible), and I wait until a good pool of juices have formed. I try to disturb them as little as possible while this pool is forming. If I do rotate/move them, I try not to spill any precious natural juices. Also, look for clear fluids on the surface...that's my sign to get them off the heat and start resting...of course, I always rest meats before touching them with a knife or fork.

    Anyway, I detailed what I try to do with my chops, though it rarely works out that way. I've grilled with gassers for many years, and 1-1/2 years with cheapo charcoal kettles, and either one has given me a hefty challenge to get really good chops. Tonight, the batch which I started and finished on the Weber was a snap. It held such low temps that the final stage literally slowed to a snail's pace without the fire going out until I closed the inlet all the way...it was relaxing and enjoyable to experience a grilling session like this on the Weber kettle...I will be getting another one soon and ditching the cheapo briq burners. If I only knew the real story before pinching pennies on a cheapo grill...I know, I know, all I had to do is ask, but I was more into the smokers then...you can slap me silly now.

    Here's tonight's goods...and were they good!!!

    Slowing things down after getting the sear started on the second side:

    Getting closer to the checkered flag...these are covered nicely with juices:

    Careful now.....these tasted as good as they look:

    I asked my wife what she would prefer on her chop before I fire up the charcoal chimneys...she said Lemon & Pepper and Broiled Steak seasonings, so that's what hers (below) got treated with...she didn't ask what else I was using...the rest were Red Bell Pepper Rub...after she found that out, she wanted a different chop [​IMG] ...... [​IMG]...yea, it's that good:

    Lemon & Pepper front and center...the rest are RBP...stack on the left was grilled entirely in the Weber:

    That's all I can offer for tonight's contribution to the drool-views...LOL!!!

    See ya next time...thanks all!

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    great job. we have some sauce down here called jack millers and it is off the hook for pork steaks\chops. You cut the sauce with 50% oil or butter and baste the meat with the oil(which stays on top) and then when they done. throw them in a pan and rub them down with whats left of the oil and sauce and let sit for about 15 minutes covered with foil. They are to die for. 
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    Gorgeous chops, Eric!!!  Thanks for sharing the pics and technique!  [​IMG]

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