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  1. Any advice on smoking jerky. I have been using london broil and store bought seasoning and curing powder. I have been following the basic instructions that came with seasoning . So far so good.
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    Welcome Hookman. There is some good jerky makers here. Do a search and you will up some older threads about jerky.
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    Welcome to the smf........Lots of great info on jerky here.........also take the 5 day ecourse, its free and great info.......
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    Sorry I can't help with the jerky, but welcome to SMF. I'm sure someone will be along shortly with advice. In the meantime, How about introducing yourself and sharing a little so we can get to know you?
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    Welcome to the SMF you will find all the help ya need here and many different ways to do it. Lets start with what kinda smoker you are using or what method you are doing them. Me personally I use my smoker for the first hour for the smoke flavor then transfer to a food dehydrater to finish. I have one that I can do up to 12lbs of jerky. I use the dehydrater because I feel I can get my jerky easier to what I want. I usually estimate a 1 hour to 1lb of jerky drying time in my dehydrater. I use that as a starting point and rotate my racks on the hour. Moving top 2 down to bottom and the rest up. When I am getting near the end I start testing for how dry I want it. When it is close I shut it down and let it rest an hour or so it will continue to dry a little more. As for meat I like London broil also and have also used a sirloin roast. Some like to use flank steak. But round steak or london broil are my choice.
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    Hiya Hookman...welcome to the SMF. If you're following the directions from the store-bought seasoning kits, and you like it, why change?

    Now, if you are feeling a little more adventurous than the store's seasonings, maybe do some experimenting with them....add some extra heat with cayenne....or try adding some cajun spices.....maybe sweeten up a batch with some extra brown sugar....or possibly kick in some extra garlic and onion powder.

    There really is no right or wrong way as far as seasonings's all up to your tastes. If you are actually smoking it, try using different kinds of woods to smoke with....or try mixing some different apple/hickory....or mesquite/cherry.....etc...

    After you play around a little bit and do some more research, you may decide that you can make the best jerky without any store-bought kits.

    You will get arguments about whether or not it is necessary to cure your jerky....I prefer to cure it....just cuz I can......others do just fine without curing.

    Hope this helps,
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    Welcome to the forum.

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