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  1. I have got my smoker to the point that I'm ready to try my first smoke. I have chose beef jerky. I mixed it all up last night and it has been in the fridge for about 12 hours now. I also used tender quick as a cure. I'm excited about getting started but didn't want to start to soon. How long should I let the jerky cure before I start?
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    I was always under the impression, once it turns colors (because its sliced so thin) from pink to brown it is good to go. 
  3. A good rule of thumb is that the cure penetrates 1/4 in every 24 hours from all sides. Depending on how think you cut your slices, it may be ready go. When making cured sausages I dice to approx 1 in cubes and cure for 48 hours so that would equal 1 in of curing done in that time based on the penetration above.
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  4. I usually cure mine at 1/4" for 18 - 24 hrs. I think it's probably fine after 12 but I also like to give more time for all the flavors of my spices and soaks to absorb into the meat as much as possible.  Also, smoking often revolves around my work schedule so I spice/cure after work then smoke after work the following day.  Just my way. Absorb what seems useful here and... Happy Smokin' !

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