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  1. I have approx 2.5 # pork roast and a bottle of jerk seasoning (from jamaica :) ) when we were down there and got jerk pork it was cut into large chunks, I thought about doing the same at home but didnt' know the best way to cook it. i have a chargriller w/ sidebox and a webber kettle. any info on cooking times and maybe something to go with it would be great.

    Thanks everyone
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    The webber kettle would be the best for a good chargrilled style of jerk.

    but think about this for option #2.

    smoke it until 150 or so to get some good flavor on it, then..........stick with me on this.......................[​IMG]

    deep fat fry it @ 375f. until it is crispy on the outside.

    serve that with pigeon peas and rice, and a roti.

    yah mon!
  4. I don't know anything about jerk pork, but however you decide to make it, I am sure it will turn out good. A friend of mine used to make jerk chicken occasionally, probably wasn't authentic, but it sure was good. You could always smoke the roast, and use your jerk season to mop...

    Of course chef_boy's idea sounds pretty tasty too!
  5. chef boy, i have never heard of that before, but my goodness that sounds good. i've got it soaking up the good scotch bonnet peppers and allspice right now. this sauce is something else. it's called busha browns. we bought a bottle for $2.50 while in jamaica a couple of weeks ago. i didn't know if smoking such a little bit of meat was worth it and if i would really get any flavor or not. that deep frying idea sounds very interesting though.
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    jerk is one of those funny things.

    every recipe gives a list of 15 to 25 ingredients, then at the bottom they always say "or I just open a bottle of Grace's, walker woods, or busha's"

    but when you smoke then fry, you get a deep flavor but the meat get crunchy and the fat gets creamy. be careful not to fry too long or it will get dry. That is why I suggest the high heat. also let it cool befor the fry so the interior will tend to hang on to it's juices.

    good luck.

    GOT A CAMERA, how about some q-view brother

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