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Discussion in 'Beef' started by trekbiker61, May 21, 2016.

  1. The recipe Jeff sent out Thu seemed like the perfect chance to do my 3rd smoke on my new MES. Sam's had a 12lb top round so I cut it in half when I got it home and froze part of it. I'm still a little leery of the MES magic and if I was going to ruin a piece of meat it was only going to be 1/2 a piece.

    Following his recipe, I liberally covered the beast with the Western Rub and then a generous amount of coarse Kosher salt to begin the brining process. I put it in a covered dish in the fridge and went to bed.

    The next morning I prepped the MES by setting the temp to 230° and filled the AMNPS 1/2 full of hickory pellets. Lit with a torch, I let it burn for about 10 minutes as the MES came up to temperature. The last (1st) time I used the AMNPS it kept going out but after reading a lot of posts about it I pulled the ash tray out a little and the chip dumper out about 1.25". Also the last time I used it I placed it beneath the water pan but this time I set it on the bottom rack above the heating element. I've read some people put it on "the rails to the left of the element" but I don't have any of those so if anyone can suggest a better place to locate it I would appreciate the advice. I have a 40" MES BT.

    The recipe called for a finishing temperature of 137° and an estimated cook time of 4-5 hours but this chunk-o-beef reached 137° in 3.25 hours.  It's all about the temp so I took Mr. Top Round out and let him sit for about 10 minutes before slicing, which was difficult because Mrs. Trek was whining about wanting a bite.

    Here is the finished product. Tender and juicy and cooked to a turn. I think I'm gonna love this MES!! It was raining here yesterday and if I had been using my RF stick burner I would have either been out in the rain all day or had a bologna sandwich instead of being treated to this succulent treat. Thanks for the recipe and the rub, Jeff.

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    Awesome job!  That roast looks perfect!  [​IMG]

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    Looks delicious!

    Great job!

    Points to you my friend!

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    Looks absolutely perfect. I wish I could do as well.

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