Jeff's; cream cheese, jalapeño - chicken, wrapped in bacon

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  1. Brined chicken for 6 hours (we had stuff to do). I used 2 big jalapeños per package of cream cheese. I also added 1 teaspoon of rub for each package. We were lucky to score flattened, tenderized chicken breast from the local butcher. I seasoned, stuffed and wrapped. They will rest for 2-3 hours before smoking with freshly cut, seasoned hickory.

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  2. I put some rub on the outside of the bacon too.
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  4. All vents wide open.
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    Looks like a happy army you will be feeding!
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    I was supposed to do this tomorrow. Haha looks good so far!
  7. This recipe was money, especially for my family. Everyone loves ABTs so I knew they would like these.

  8. In my setup, I had to rotate halfway through. Not much cream cheese loss.

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    Looks very good, well done
  10. Thanks all.
    This recipe was easy.
    Skipping the brine wouldn't change much. It really wasn't needed with the bacon and cream cheese adding moisture.
    This was a keeper.
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    Nice looking smoke!

    There's no reason to brine, wrap, inject coat with cheese, foil, cover with butcher paper or anything else to get moist chicken. If cooked to a proper IT it's not an issue. If you're looking for a different flavor profile then do any of the above. Same goes for any other cut of meat.
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    Looking good so far . . . :Coffee:

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