January Chicken Smoke

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by silverwolf636, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. silverwolf636

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    Here's a January chicken smoke I just took off the smoker.

    Here's what I stuffed it with; celery, apple, onion, carrots, a piece of lemon and about a quarter cup of honey.

    Here it is rubbed down:

    Here's a pic of it on the smoker. I thought I would use this angle to show the elements.
    Oh yea, I spritz with 50/50 water/apple juice

    And here's the final product. This is a 3.84 lb bird. I smoked it around 300-325 and it took 2 hours to reach 170.

    I pulled a leg off just to see (cause I was a little concerned that it only took exactly 2 hours) but was throughly done. Very moist and tender.

  2. That does seem fast, but boy does it look good.......I'm goin nuts waiting to smoke this week.......Lining up a butt....couple of fatties......never done a chuckie...sounds like that might be worth doing too...as long as I'm firin it up, might as well load the racks !!! Now youv'e made me probably do a chicken too.....wifes gona love me....I can hear her now......."where you gona put all that stuff?" I tell her ....."in my stomach"......!

  3. scarbelly

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    I bet that is going to taste awesome too !! Nice job

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